Aloe Perfoliata Care & Growing Tips

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Dec 06 2021

Aloe Perfoliata Care & Growing Tips

Aloe Perfoliata are great for growing succulents and are good for potting at home, so how to grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata? Let's look together.

1. Environment care for growing Aloe Perfoliata

The ideal temperature for Aloe Perfoliata growth is 20-30 ° C, and aloe perfoliata should be maintained at 18 ° C during flowering.

When we grow and care for growing Aloe Perfoliata in winter, the environmental temperature of maintenance should not be lower than 10℃, otherwise it is difficult to overwinter safely. In addition, we should do a good job of insulation in winter to avoid cold wind blowing measures.

2. Soil care for growing Aloe Perfoliata

Aloe Perfoliata is preferred for loose, fertile, well drained sandy loam. So the soil for home cultivation can be made up of peat soil and perlite in a 1:1 ratio,

When we grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata, an appropriate amount of organic particulate fertilizer can be added to the soil to ensure nutrients for growth.

3. Lighting care for growing Aloe Perfoliata

Aloe Perfoliata are people who prefer sunny environments with short periods of semi-shade. If the exposure to Aloe Perfoliata is inadequate, the leaves are dull and the plant leaves are loose and thin.

When we grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata in the summer of high temperature, it need to be placed in a ventilated and cool place for maintenance, to avoid strong light sunburn.

Other seasons put as far as possible in the window sill or balcony and other light time long place. If it's cloudy or rainy, use bright lights to fill in the light.

4. Watering care for growing Aloe Perfoliata

When we grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata, avoid chronic rain and water accumulation in the soil, so drainage and ventilation measures should be done in advance during the rainy season. In addition, there should be no water between the leaf clusters.

Hot summer, can not be long-term drought or lack of water, easy to let the leaf dry.If the environment is dry, spray more moisture around the plants.

After autumn gradually reduce watering, if the temperature is not less than 10℃, normal watering, and as appropriate to apply thin fertilizer, so that the plant continues to grow;

In winter, if the ambient temperature is below 10℃, you need to limit watering and stop fertilizing to make the plants dormant.

5. Fertilization care for growing Aloe Perfoliata

When we grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata, it can be applied about once a month during the spring and fall growing season. When applying, water the soil thoroughly in the basin.

If the fertilizer splashes wet the leaves can cause black spot or burn the leaves. Summer high temperature growth is slow, can apply thin fertilizer or no fertilizer

6. Repotting care

Aloe Perfoliata have strong roots and can be repotted once a year.

When replacing the pot, need to prune the root system that is too long, too old, in order to facilitate the plant to grow strongly. Otherwise, it will consume a lot of nutrients in the pot and affect the formation of flower buds.

When we grow and care for Aloe Perfoliata, it should be often loose soil, so that the soil has better air permeability, is conducive to the growth and development of the root system.
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