How to care for ghost-plant

Written by Maggie

Sep 01 2021

How to care for ghost-plant

The shape and color of the ghost-plant are of ornamental value, and easy to maintain, few diseases and insect pests, very suitable for family planting. How to care for Ghost-plant leaves softening or falling? Let's look together.

Ghost-plant care for leaves softening

If it is too strict water control, leaves due to water shortage and soft to supplement water, watering to basin soil slightly wet as the benchmark. In summer, ghost-plant leaves may be soft due to long exposure to strong light, and need appropriate shade. It may also be root rot, plant water shortage caused by soft leaves, to trim the root system in time, usually must be reasonable control of water, keep the soil moist. The following are details of Ghost-plant care for leaves softening.

If the water control is too strict recently and the ghost-plant is watered only once for a long time, the leaves may become thirsty and weak. At this time the basin soil should be very dry, need to supplement water in time, but the amount of watering should not be too large, so as not to basin soil water. When we care for ghost-plant, watering to the basin soil slightly wet as the benchmark, ghost-plant needs less water, every 10 days watering can be.

In summer, the light is very strong and the ambient temperature is very high. If the ghost-plant is exposed to direct light for a long time, the water in the leaves will quickly evaporate, causing the leaves to become weak. When we care for ghost-plant, we need to give the plant shade in time. We can build a shade shed or a shade net, or we can directly transfer the ghost-plant to the half-shade indoor maintenance.

Ghost-plant leaves may also be weak because the root system has rotted away, resulting in insufficient water supply to the plant, so the leaves become weak due to lack of water. When we care for ghost-plant, if the root system of the ghost-plant is found to be black rot, it needs to be cut off in time to avoid affecting other healthy root systems. The root system should be disinfected after the black rot is cut off, and the wound should be dried before planting.

Water control is crucial to keeping a ghost-plant in good condition. A large number of succulents die from overwatering. Although the summer environment temperature is high, the light is too strong, the plant water evaporation is fast, and I also can't water every day. When we care for ghost-plant,  water is more appropriate when the basin soil is dry, about 2-3 days water, to keep the soil moist.

care for Ghost-plant
Ghost-plant - one of the best succulents for beginners

Ghost-plant care for leaves falling

Ghost-plant growth in the sun, if the leaves fall from the lack of light, maintenance needs to move to the sun, not need to replace the soil water maintenance, replacement of the soil in the process of, found a rotten roots should be timely treatment. In winter is cold, we need to control the temperature of 5 ℃ above maintenance, suffer harm from diseases and pests, improve the growth environment and prevention and control of spraying. The following are details of Ghost-plant care for leaves falling.

1. Light care

Ghost-plant likes to grow in the sun, in the sunshine, can make its leaves more lustre, if the Ghost-plant lacks light, then its leaves are easy to fall off. When we care for Ghost-plant, it needs to be immediately moved to the sun's maintenance, with the help of the sun to restore its vitality, to prevent the leaves from continuing to fall off.

2. Water and fertilizer care

If Ghost-plant water and fertilizer is not at the time, then it can not grow normally in the soil, so that it loses leaves and other undesirable phenomena. When we care for Ghost-plant, we need to immediately replace the pot soil. In the process of replacing the pot soil, rotting roots also need to be treated in time, and then placed in the sun.

3. Winter frostbite

In fact, the cold resistance of Ghost-plant is not strong, for what is the reason for the loss of leaves of Ghost-plant, if the environment is 5℃ in winter, then it is easy to frostbite the plant. It is also easy to make the Ghost-plant lose leaves. When we care for Ghost-plant, we need to immediately cut the frostbite branches and leaves, and move to a warm environment for maintenance.

4. Pest control

Ghost-plant suffered from pests and diseases, the plant will grow poorly, which will also make the Ghost-plant leaves fall off, and need to immediately improve the ventilation environment. When we care for Ghost-plant, we need to increase the amount of fertilizer, but also to spray the corresponding plant pest control is good, in order to make the plant gradually restore vitality.

care for Ghost-plant