Corsican Stonecrop (Sedum Dasyphyllum) Profile

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Oct 13 2021

Corsican Stonecrop (Sedum Dasyphyllum) Profile

Corsican Stonecrop, Sedum dasyphyllum Major, also called Sedum burnatii, thick-leaved stonecrop, is a small succulent or succulent plant of the genus Sedum in the Chrysanthemum family. Corsican Stonecrop's native land is in the arid regions of West Asia and North Africa. It's a variant of the Star Beauty.

Corsican Stonecrop Picture

Corsican Stonecrop
Corsican Stonecrop - one of the best succulents for beginners

Corsican Stonecrop Characteristics

Corsican Stonecrop is a succulent plant in the Sedum family, a species without an exact Chinese name that resembles the giant Jedi in length and has rotating leaves.

The corsican stonecrop is a perennial blue-green variety with small depressions in its leaves. Very good to raise, plant leaves are interactive, easy to grow small side buds, can grow into a group of large clusters, a long time with branches, branches can not support strong branches will basically prostrate growth, five white flowers, micro powder in the middle of the bud, cross-pollination.

Corsican Stonecrop Native Habits

Corsican Stonecrop (Sedum Dasyphyllum) likes a dry, sunny growth environment. It is cold resistant and is not wet. The suitable temperature for growth is 13-23 degrees, and the winter temperature is not less than 5 degrees.

During the growing period, the sun can be full sunshine. When the sun is strong, the plant will become short and crawl on the ground. The color will also show a very charming blue, which is very lovely. If the light is short and the shading time is long, Corsican Stonecrop is easy to grow high, and the leaf is not compact enough. The empty growth is obvious, and it is more easy to fall over and become unbeautiful.

How to grow and care for Corsican Stonecrop


The soil cultivation requirements of Corsican Stonecrop are not very strict. The coal cinder mixed with peat soil can be used. The soil mix is relatively optional, and the emphasis is on air permeability.


Although Corsican Stonecrop (Sedum Dasyphyllum) can face up to prolonged drought and nevertheless flourish on neglect, it nevertheless has watering desires to continue to be healthy. Remember to water the Corsican Stonecrop at least as soon as each 10-14 days or each time the soil is absolutely dry. Do this via pouring some water onto the soil till it is totally soaked.

Light & temperature

For your Corsican Stonecrop to remain evergreen, they want to be positioned in sunny areas. So if you favor developing them in your garden, discover a spot where they can get at least 6 hours of daylight per day, however make certain to hold them blanketed from the hot solar in the afternoon.

In instances where you are dwelling in a place the place it receives chillier than zero tiers Fahrenheit in winter, it is fantastic to put them in a container or pot the place they can without difficulty be delivered indoors. Just make positive to vicinity them in a south-facing window or in a room where they can get plenty of sunlight. Corsican Stonecrop wants a lot of daylight so if you spot any signal of the stem stretching out, you would possibly desire to think about having a mild for the nice result.

Corsican Stonecrop

Corsican Stonecrop Propagation

The propagation of Corsican Stonecrop is generally propagated by cuttings, which are usually inserted into branches and leaves. The leaves and branches are laid flat on a breathable and slightly wet soil surface, and conserved in a cool and ventilated place. They will soon take root, and only after that can they gradually see direct light.
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Corsican Stonecrop Disease 

Doesn't need a Corsican Stonecrop resistance to drought, barren, fertilizing, watering dry to soak, generally do not watering the principle, the summer can keep water, water is to extend the number of times and interval, most can be watered once a month, don't with the method of immersion basin, watering can choose in the evening or night when water, when it's rainy strictly control water, do not cause the soil water is good.

Corsican Stonecrop Distribution

The original land of Corsican Stonecrop (Sedum Dasyphyllum) is in the arid regions of West Asia and North Africa.

Corsican Stonecrop Benefits

Ornamental value

Corsican Stonecrop leaves are beautiful in shape and color and have certain ornamental value.

Purifying effect of potted plants

Potted Corsican Stonecrop can be placed in the TV, computer, can absorb radiation, can also be planted in the room to absorb formaldehyde and other substances, purify the air.

Corsican Stonecrop