Rainbow Bush profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

Rainbow Bush profile

Rainbow Bush, the Latin name ailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis, prefers sunny and warm, dry environments with good ventilation. Its leaf shape leaf color is more beautiful, has certain ornamental value. Most of the leaves are yellow and white, only a small part of the center is pale green; Floret light pink, ornamental value is higher.

Rainbow Bush picture

Rainbow Bush

Rainbow Bush morphological characteristics

Rainbow Bush plants are 3~4 m tall, old stems purplish-brown, tender branches purplish-red, branches near horizontal, fleshy leaves opposite, green, obovate. The plants of The Graceful dance are shorter, with thin branches. The fleshy stems are reddish brown (new stems) or grayish white (old stems): the fleshy leaves are opposite to each other. Most of the leaves are yellow-white, with only a small part of the center being pale green.The edge of the floret is pale pink.

Rainbow Bush growth environment

Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) prefers a sunny and warm environment with good ventilation. Drought tolerance, avoid dank and cold. Although it can grow normally under the conditions of semi-shade and scattered light, the color of the leaves will decrease, the distance between the stems and nodes will lengthen, making the plant loose and not compact, affecting the ornamental value.

Rainbow Bush distribution

Rainbow Bush is found in temperate and tropical regions of the world.

Rainbow Bush

Rainbow Bush propagation method

Propagation of rainbow bush is usually performed by cutting or grafting. The cottage is carried out in growing season commonly, the branch that cut comes down when cutting can use plastic, length requirement is not strict, but should have at least 3 to 4 pair of leaf. Remove the lower leaves before insertion and let them dry for 1 to 2 days. After the wound is dried, insert it into the cultivated soil and place it in a place without direct sunlight to keep a little moisture in the soil. After 2 to 3 weeks, it can take root. When the seedlings grow to a certain size, they can be shaped. Grafting also takes place during the growing season, and the rootstock is grafted by splitting the original purslane tree of the Dance of Elegant music. 

Rainbow Bush's main value

Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) is a kind of succulent plant with beautiful middle foliage. It is often used as a medium or small potted or hung potted plant. It decorates living rooms, study rooms, balconies and window boxes. In addition, the old fleshy stems, which have grown for many years, are very similar to the old tree piles, and can be made into simple and elegant bonsai trees after being trimmed by panzha. Because this kind of introduction time is not long, the stagginess old pile is not easy to find, the enthusiast often uses the old pile of its original species - a purslane tree which grows stronger as rootstock, grafts with the method of embedding, the effect is very good.
Rainbow Bush