How to grow Rainbow Bush in winter

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow Rainbow Bush in winter

Rainbow Bush (ailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) is a popular potted plant for its ornamental value. But how does Rainbow Bush survive the winter? As long as the attention to temperature, water, sunlight, fertilizer these four aspects, Rainbow Bush can safely survive the winter.

Rainbow Bush

1. Temperature for Rainbow Bush

Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) prefers sunny and warm, dry environment with good ventilation. Drought tolerant, we should avoid dank and cold. It is recommended to move indoors in winter to protect against frost damage.In general, can safely spend the winter when the temperature of the home keeping above 10 degrees. Also pay attention not to put it next to the heater, so as not to cause the blade yellowing, affecting the ornamental value.

2. Water for Rainbow Bush

Because of its drought resistance it doesn't need water, but be careful to give it a time to adapt. At the end of autumn, the amount of water is still more, so in the winter you can not directly stop the water, slowly pour down. By the end of the winter, the same amount of water should be added appropriately. Because the indoor heating, air conditioning will be relatively dry, appropriately fill a little water. When the soil is not very dry, do not fill water.

Rainbow Bush

3. Sunlight for Rainbow Bush

A certain amount of light can make plants grow well, the sun is not much in winter. Even if it is placed indoors, it should be placed in a well-lit place and exposed to sunlight through the glass. If it is in the south, and the outdoor temperature reaches more than 10 degrees in winter, you can move to the outside at noon, and then move to the indoor temperature after the outdoor temperature drops. It's too cold in the north to move outside.

4. Fertilizer for Rainbow Bush

In terms of fertilizer, how can Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) survive the winter? It is well known that a certain amount of fertilizer must be added in order to grow well, but winter is the dormant period of Rainbow Bush, so it cannot absorb any fertilizer without adding any fertilizer. But put it in a place where the air flows better. Don't turn the pot until the next spring.

Rainbow Bush