How to grow Rainbow Bush in summer

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow Rainbow Bush in summer

Many flower lovers face all sorts of problems when propagating Rainbow Bush in the summer, because of the extreme weather in the summer. So How to grow Rainbow Bush is also a great test. In fact, as long as you pay attention to grasp the Rainbow Bush summer breeding method, it will become very simple.

Rainbow Bush

5 Key Points of Rainbow Bush Summer Maintenance 

1. Pay attention to shade

Although rainbow bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) likes full sunshine, it is extremely hot in summer and the sun's rays are also very strong. At this time, we must carry out shading maintenance for Rainbow Bush, so as not to cause the sun's rays to be too strong and cause it to lose leaves.

2. Frequent ventilation

During summer maintenance of Rainbow Bush, you should also pay attention to frequent ventilation. Otherwise, long-term indoor air will wither the leaves of Rainbow Bush, resulting in poor growth. In severe cases, the soil will be too wet and rot the roots.

3. Reduce watering

Many flower friends do not know how to raise Rainbow Bush in summer. They think that they should water more in summer when the temperature is too high. This is a big mistake, because the temperature is too high in summer.

4. Stop fertilizing

Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) is basically in a dormant state in the summer, growing less vigorously, so there's little need for fertilizer, which adds to its burden.

Rainbow Bush

5. Black rot prevention and control

Black rot is a disease of Rainbow Bush that occurs very easily in the summer, due to the wet weather of the summer thunderstorm season. If black rot occurs, the infected parts are removed with sterilized scissors and then sprayed with benelette and covered with sulfur.

Precautions for Rainbow Bush Breeding

1. Don't water when you just bought

The first thing many people do when they buy a new Rainbow Bush is to water them. This is actually wrong, because the Rainbow Bush they just bought is still in the adaptation period. The water in the soil is enough for them to grow, but watering them will lead to water in the pot and even rot of roots.

2. Change basins in spring

Rainbow Bush (Pailulacaria afra var.foliis-variegatis) should be replaced in spring every year, because Rainbow Bush is very strong in growth. Too small a pot will affect the growth of its root system and hinder the normal development of the plant.

3. Get regular pruning

In the process of maintaining Rainbow Bush, because it is easy to burst basins, it should be frequently pruned to properly cut away old branches, dead branches and useless branches, so as to promote the growth of new branches and make the whole Rainbow Bush look beautiful.

Rainbow Bush