Pachyphytum Blue Haze profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 16 2021

Pachyphytum Blue Haze profile

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' belongs to the genus Pachyphytum, a perennial succulent of the family Chrysomellidae. Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' leaves turn pink when exposed to sunlight and temperature differences, making them a favorite with succulents. Spring and autumn are the growth seasons, summer high temperatures need shade control water.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' picture

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze

Morphological characteristics of Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze'

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' stems are short and thick, erect. There are about 12 ~ 20 leaves per plant, an old plant group. Leaves are fleshy, alternate, arranged in elongated rosettes, obovate, 2-4 cm long, about 2 cm wide and 2 cm thick, apex smooth and obtuse, slightly obtuse (well-fed peach can hardly see tip) abaxially convex, adaxially relatively flat, apical. The surface of the blue haze succulent leaves is covered with white powder, which sets off the pink of the leaves. It looks like the plant presents a beautiful mauve or pale pink, which is very lovely. Inflorescences are shorter. Flowers are inverted bell-shaped, red, in series.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' environment

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' prefers a warm, dry, sunny environment, strong drought tolerance, loose, well-drained and breathable soil, no obvious dormant period. Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' can receive strong sunlight. The color is more bright and attractive under full illumination, and the plant shape is more beautiful and compact. In the absence of light, the leaves appear white or even green and are flat (similar in shape to the star Beauty). It is suitable for open-air cultivation. Blue haze succulent has good growth in warm winter and cool summer climate, not resistant to hot and humid summer weather.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' Propagation method

Blue haze succulent can be propagated by cutting, leafing and sowing. Generally, leaf planting method is adopted (preferably in spring and autumn): healthy, complete and full leaves are placed on the surface of damp and loose soil without exposure to the sun. After a few days or weeks, they will naturally germinate roots and small leaves. When the roots are 2-3cm long, they can be covered with a thin layer of fine sand and grow into independent small plants.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' main value

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' peculiar plant form, leaf shape, growth is relatively slow, easy to maintain. The whole plant of blue haze succulent is like a beautiful handicraft, like opal and sweet colour quietly elegant. It can be put in the balcony or garden ornament, and can also be used with other crassulaceae plants collocation, more secure, fun, full of lively feeling.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze