Echinus Maximiliani profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Echinus Maximiliani profile

Echinus Maximiliani (echinus plant) is a perennial, evergreen, succulent herb of the genus Echinus, native to South Africa.It is now popular all over the world as a potted fleshy ornamental plant.

Echinus Maximiliani picture

Echinus Maximiliani

Echinus Maximiliani morphological characteristics

The xylem stems of the echinus plant are erect or prostrate, the young stems are purplish red, plant height up to 20 cm. Leaves are opposite to each other, connected at the base and around the stem, thick and fleshy, slightly powdery, translucent lines along the margin and back of the leaves, slightly purplish red at the tip and margin in sunny conditions. The plant morphology is similar to that of Crabapple. Small pink or fuchsia flowers bloom from late winter to early spring. The leaf surface of the Echinus Maximiliani is clearly grained. The leaves are short and powdered.

Echinus Maximiliani growth environment

Echinus Maximiliani prefers a warm, dry and sunny environment. It is drought-tolerant and requires loose sandy loam with good drainage. It grows well in warm winter and cool summer. It is a tropical sunny, drought-tolerant plant and not cold resistant. In winter minimum temperature should be above 10 degrees. 

Echinus Maximiliani geographic distribution

Echinus plant is found in South Africa and Namibia. It is common on hillsides and at the foot of mountains.

Echinus Maximiliani

Echinus Maximiliani breeding method

Usually adopt cutting propagation, summer dormancy, pay attention to shade, water control operations. 

Echinus Maximiliani is generally propagated by cutting healthy old cuttings and cutting them into breathable and slightly moist soil, which is very easy to root, and the survival rate of cutting in spring and autumn is high.

Echinus Maximiliani main value

The Echinus Maximiliani potted plants are often placed on windowsills, balconies, and courtyards for viewing.

The leaf shape of Echinus Maximiliani is peculiar, the leaf color is beautiful, is one kind of rare view leaf plant, suits the potted view. Echinus Maximiliani plant shape, leaf shape are peculiar, slow growth, easy to maintain posture. The whole plant of echinus plant is a beautiful craft,  and the color is quietly elegant. Decorating the hall, desk, several cases are very appropriate.

Echinus Maximiliani