How to grow Echinus maximiliani in summer

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to grow Echinus maximiliani in summer

The Echinus Maximiliani is raised in a ventilated environment during the summer, and can use sunscreen to block out about 70% of the light. During the period, reduce watering, spray plants with a watering pot every 3 ~ 5 days. In addition, high temperature in summer can easily lead to the phenomenon of stuffy roots, which need to be treated with loose soil.

Echinus Maximiliani

1. Ventilation maintenance of Echinus Maximiliani

Echinus Maximiliani usually goes into hibernation during the summer. How does Echinus Maximiliani spend the summer? First of all, it should be placed in a ventilated environment during summer breeding. In the case of excessive midday light, it should be maintained in darkness from the light and be exposed to astigmatism for 4 hours every day.

2. Shading treatment of Echinus Maximiliani

The light in summer is very strong, but the Echinus Maximiliani is a light-loving plant. If there is no light for a long time, the leaves of the plant will gradually appear wilting phenomenon. So it's best to use sunscreen and block out about 70% of the light, so it won't damage the plants.

Echinus Maximiliani

3. Reduce watering for Echinus Maximiliani

During the summer, the Echinus Maximiliani goes into dormancy and the plants stop growing. To reduce the amount of watering and just keep the soil slightly wet. Spray the plants with a watering-pot every 3 to 5 days. The leaves remain green even after they absorb water.

4. Loose soil treatment of Echinus Maximiliani

Because in the high temperature environment, Echinus Maximiliani are easy to appear the phenomenon of stuffy roots. So to survive the summer safely, you need to loosen the soil, keep the soil loose, and promote the respiration of the root cells. We appropriately add river sand to improve the permeability of the soil.

Echinus Maximiliani