Echeveria Derenbergii profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Echeveria Derenbergii profile

The Echeveria Derenbergii is a small stone lotus, very small and prone to group growth. When the sun is full, the tip of the leaf turns red and is very lovely.

In summer high temperatures when sunshine is intense dormancy, we need to shade it appropriately, reduce water quantity.Echeveria derenbergii is more sensitive to drugs, so pay attention to the use of drugs. It is best not to spray the leaves by mistake.

Echeveria Derenbergii picture

Echeveria Derenbergii

Echeveria Derenbergii morphological characteristics

Echeveria Derenbergii is a small succulent plant with inverted bases, apex pointed, smooth leaves, compact and easy to cluster.The tip of the leaf is pink in full light.Echeveria Derenbergii's need for light is so great that even in winter, it is placed on a sunny southern terrace.If the balcony temperature is low at night, move to the room. When the light is insufficient, the echeveria derenbergii will grow badly and lose its white and rich appearance completely. 

Echeveria Derenbergii growth environment

The suitable temperature for growth of Echeveria Derenbergii was 18℃~25℃, and the winter temperature was not less than 5 ° C.It is cold and drought resistant, but more light demand. In high temperature in summer it will enter dormancy, and reduce the amount of water, and put in a cool ventilated place, watering is easy to rot to death.Water once a week during the growing period, but the bottom of the basin is not leaky.In winter, it will continue to grow at no less than 10℃, because the growth is slow, and it is not easy to grow very large, and there is sufficient base fertilizer, so fertilizer need not be applied throughout the year.

Echeveria Derenbergii origin

Echeveria Derenbergii Origin: America.

Echeveria Derenbergii

Echeveria Derenbergii management

Fertilization: Echeveria Derenbergii prefers fertilizer, fertilizing once a month during the growing period.

Light: Echeveria Derenbergii likes the sun.Avoid intense direct sunlight in summer and full sunlight the rest of the time.

Watering: After the soil is dry, water it once a week or two in the spring and fall growing season, and reduce watering in summer and winter. 

Echeveria Derenbergii application

The Echeveria Derenbergii plant is small and beautiful with warm and fresh color. It is made into a thumb pot and placed on the tea table and other places, like a beautiful handicraft.

Echeveria Derenbergii propagation method

Echeveria Derenbergii can be propagated by both leaf cutting and cutting. It is easy to propagate leaves, but it takes a long time to maintain the seedlings after they grow out, so it is easy to die during this period. However, it is relatively easy to propagate.They grow slowly but easily in groups.

Echeveria Derenbergii