How to grow Echeveria derenbergii in autumn

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

How to grow Echeveria derenbergii in autumn

In the process of autumn maintenance, Echeveria Derenbergii must be placed in the sun, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so the temperature needs to be controlled at 15-25 ℃.Sprinkling in a timely manner to its, and we need to sprinkle water into the air.In the process of autumn growth, it can also turn over the basin for soil conservation.The Echeveria Derenbergii grew better in the fall because it was also able to behead and reproduce while growing.

Echeveria Derenbergii

1. Illumination temperature control of Echeveria Derenbergii

Echeveria derenbergii is a succulent that loves the sun.Usually in the process of breeding, it can be placed in the sun for maintenance.Although the autumn climate is dry, but the sun is not particularly strong, so it can be placed under the sun full sun exposure.However, the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is large, so the temperature should be controlled at 15 ~ 25℃.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Echeveria Derenbergii

In fact, echeveria derenbergii likes wet soil, and the dry autumn is also the growing season for Echeveria Derenbergii.So make sure you water it in time, usually every five days in the fall, and sprinkle it in the air.If you want the Echeveria derenbergii to explode, then add NPK fertilizer.

Echeveria Derenbergii

3. Turn the pot and change the soil for Echeveria Derenbergii

In general, Echeveria Derenbergii's farmed soil tends to harden easily.So what's the best to do when farming Echeveria Derenbergii in the fall?In the autumn, it is also possible to turn the pot and replace the soil for curing. Take the plants out of the pot and trim the roots. Then, a new pot is arranged and the pot is restored for curing.Do not immediately water, fertilize and conserve.

4. Beheading and breeding of Echeveria Derenbergii

Echeveria Derenbergii grows easily in the fall.It can also be pruned to cut off the long part of the plant.Spray the wound with carbendazim and dry the wound in a cool place.The decapitated part can be re-inserted into the new soil and rerooted.

Echeveria Derenbergii