Outdoor herb garden design

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Outdoor herb garden design
If your outdoor herb garden design does not grow a large group of crazy basil, this proves that your garden is not in summer. However, the various vibrant herbs that this happens to show are also very suitable for planting in your outdoor garden. Some, like mint and coriander are familiar, while others like perilla and lemongrass are more pleasing. So what outdoor herb plants can we grow in our garden? Are there any ideas for outdoor herb garden design?

Open thinking

You'd better not limit yourself to growing your outdoor herb garden designs in ordinary locations. For most outdoor herb plants, you can plant the outdoor herb plants you want in wooden boxes, willow baskets, and small pots. All they need is good drainage, regular watering and reasonable sunshine. Balconies and windows are good choices for outdoor spaces. You have to learn to grow your favorite outdoor herbs from multiple angles.

 Make up space

Outdoor herb garden design can solve space problems well, they can grow freely, and you'd better not need to spend too much attention and energy on your part. If they start to become depressed, all you have to do is to quickly cut into their new growth point, you will soon be able to control them, and provide you with a large number of hanging and drying herbs.
outdoor herb garden design

Herb wall

Outdoor herb garden are magical plants. Sage with green and yellow variegated leaves, yellow-green leaves of pineapple sage and green leaves of Thymbra spicata can extend your outdoor vegetable garden design. At the same time, you don't have to limit the choice of herbs to traditional soil. You can try other options, which will enable you to grow quickly and vigorously. Here, the lime leaves of pineapple sage are mixed with the fennel hyssop that tastes licorice. This is an excellent wall of aromatic herbs, which can definitely relax your body and mind, which also greatly improves you the beauty of outdoor herbs.

Growing edible herbs

You can plant some herbs on the side of each raised bed in our test garden to improve your outdoor herb garden design. Herbal flowers not only look beautiful, but also attract bees and beneficial insects, and they are also edible. Most herbal flowers, including the French thyme seen here, are excellent supplements for soups and dishes. 
Your herb garden should not only look beautiful, but also satisfy your other feelings. You can just imagine that the faint mint flavor, the purple thorns from star anise and the sweet fragrance of white lavender, the outdoor garden should be a representative of beauty, and it can completely enhance your favorability for food.