Details about outdoor garden landscape

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Details about outdoor garden landscape
For the design of the outdoor garden landscape, more attention is paid to the performance of the details, accurate to every inch of the construction of the land. No matter whether the courtyard corresponds to a luxury villa or a bungalow, there should be no rough and incomplete design, because in small In the courtyard, any place can become the focus of people's eyes at any time.
The outdoor courtyard is small, but you can still plant as many plants as possible. The landscape of the small courtyard also has a chic rural and luxurious stylish landscape. In order to adjust the landscape performance, designers often use small plants and some combined materials in small courtyards. A good designer will not reduce the size of the courtyard for the construction, but will emphasize the outdoor scene more.

Four points are suitable

The design of outdoor garden landscape is always consistent with the interior design style. Most outdoor courtyard landscapes are important scenery outside the window. You can consider some scenes that you often see through windows, such as the window side of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. The repeated application of simple plant collocations, especially green and shrub interesting plants, can create a more open and continuous landscape.
The fountain in the courtyard is the focal point of a better outdoor garden landscape, not only because of the visual clarity of the waterscape, but also because the clamor of water can cover up the hustle and bustle of the city. And the designer also suggested that connecting the low fountain with free irrigation pipes can ensure that there is water flow in the garden at any time.
You could plan a small storage area in the courtyard to store necessary utensils such as gardening tools and rubber water pipes. Well-designed seats, tables and fences can all be the partition walls of this area.

Four points are not suitable

You don't have to change flower pots too often to keep the plants bright and vigorous. Because the principle of making full use of the small space means that there is no extra place to house lesser plants. You should not choose too many styles of flower pots. On the contrary, more flowerpots of the same style and different sizes can be used. Because simple decorative series can often create atmospheric coherent performance effects for the outdoor garden landscape.
It is best not to choose bulky concrete or terracotta flower pots for flower pots on the terrace, but to choose lightweight synthetic materials for frequent replacement of positions. You'd better avoid using plants and decorations of too many colors. Because in a small space, mixed colors and styles will make the space more cluttered.

Simple design techniques to enhance outdoor garden landscape

1. Design multiple outdoor courtyard landscape highlights

The small courtyard has a limited view of the landscape and cannot show a rich landscape, which often leads to a single and boring vision. A more convenient solution is to design multiple interesting sketches to weaken the simple void that may be caused by small space. Whether it is stone, pottery, glass, or iron, they are all available materials with rich courtyard characteristics.
What you should keep in mind is that the elements you want to express in the landscape, and it is possible to continue to have creative expressions that satisfy this element in the design process. You should avoid using too many design themes to avoid confusion in the overall landscape.
 outdoor garden landscape
You'd better not place too many focal decorations too conspicuously, such as in front of the door or in the center. And if only one or two focal spots are designed, and the rest are freely scattered among the plants, it will give guests a feeling of proactively discovering beauty. The interesting things that guests suddenly find in the green leaves or flowers will have another feeling of surprise. For dinner in the courtyard, the host carefully designs some looming interesting sketches for the guests in the courtyard, which will undoubtedly have the effect of an active atmosphere.

2. Pursue more refined outdoor courtyard landscape design

In a large space, attention is paid to the large-scale performance of the outdoor garden landscape, because people's vision is enlarged there. In a small space, any inappropriate design details will be magnified in close observation. Adding a one-meter-wide waterscape, expanding a hedge by half a meter, etc. will have different landscape effects. More detailed and reasonable design means that there will be more elements that express the value of the courtyard, which will further enhance the value of the courtyard.

3. Pay attention to high-quality outdoor courtyard landscape materials

There are more and more materials for landscape sketches. If the outdoor garden landscape of a large space pays attention to materials, it will be a big investment, while the small space will not have much difference in materials because of the small amount. You should use the materials you want to use as much as possible, so that you can open the door to show the most attractive value of the courtyard.