Outdoor garden fountains designs

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Outdoor garden fountains designs
Designing a fountain in the ourdoor garden commensurate with the residence and garden style can not only add a unique landscape to the summer courtyard, but the gurgling water can also bring people a cool mood. You'd better take a look at the following 5 fountain creation schemes, which will surely inspire you to find a style theme suitable for your own courtyard. The passage is mainly about outdoor garden fountains designs.

Statue fountain for ourdoor garden design

Material: Resin fiber fountain
Advantages: light weight, easy to move, can be placed on the terrace
Suitable for: courtyard with a little classical atmosphere
The statue-shaped fountain is suitable for the European-style outdoor garden fountains design. It uses the latest building materials-glass fiber resin, and it is not afraid of heat expansion and contraction. Even if it is left outdoors in winter, it will not cause any damage. Compared with heavy stone or metal fountains, the lightweight resin fountain will not load the backyard patio and is also convenient to move. Hydrangea, boxwood, mimosa, yellow emperor chrysanthemum, impatiens, and grass oleander are planted around the fountain, making the fountain-focused landscape richer and fuller with such an outdoor garden fountain.

Classical fountain for ourdoor garden design

Material: Concrete
Advantages: lower cost compared with materials such as cast iron
Suitable for: European style courtyard
Placing this classical-feeling layered outdoor garden fountain design in the garden courtyard can add a European-style palace atmosphere to the garden. The gurgling water gushes from the top of the sphere and falls in layers, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also brings people a pleasant sound to enjoy. The concrete pouring fountain is matched with the plain bricks to show more natural elegance.

Concise fountain for ourdoor garden design

Material: Concrete
Advantages: rich in shape, can match a variety of courtyard styles
Suitable: Modern or Oriental style courtyard
This shaped outdoor garden fountain design is 45 cm high, with a simple and generous outline, and comes with a water jet drinking spout. It is very suitable for a modern courtyard. If plants with Chinese characteristics such as Japanese maple and bamboo are planted by the fountain, an oriental style courtyard with a simple meditation theme can be created.
outdoor garden fountains

Classical wall fountain for ourdoor garden design

Material: Concrete
Advantages: diverse shapes, relatively low cost
Suitable for: classical style courtyard
This free-standing wall fountain design is suitable to be placed in an old house or a European classical style garden, and such an outdoor garden fountain can bring an elegant and dignified effect to the garden. The length, width and height of this fountain are respectively 55, 45 and 97.5 cm. Because it is a wall fountain, it saves space and is especially suitable for being placed next to the sidewalk at the end of the road or in a small space. The lush lantana, English ivy and other plants are hidden around the fountain, adding a sense of age to the fountain.

Natural stone fountain for ourdoor garden design

Material: Sandstone
Advantages: simple and natural style, simple maintenance
Suitable for: rustic feeling courtyard
The natural sandstone outdoor garden fountain design is a decoration that can highlight the rustic courtyard. Install the small pump on the bottom of a stone tool measuring 37.5×37.5 cm, then it's a good choice to install a copper pipe and a water jet drinking port, and the sink fountain is installed. The power cord can be hidden under the plants on the edge of the sink. The moss dotted on the water trough adds to the natural feel of the fountain, which seems to have stood in the wind and rain for many years.