How to Keep Chipmunks Away From Garden With Simple Methods

Written by Ivy

Dec 15 2022

How to Keep Chipmunks Away From Garden With Simple Methods

The worst nightmare for a garden might not initially seem to be chipmunks. Wait until they have destroyed your garden by digging holes everywhere or your tulip roots by chewing up your recently planted tomato seeds.

Check out our expert-recommended advice to keep these little creatures away from your garden.

Keep Food Sources Secure from Chipmunks

As advised by Jordan Foster, a pest management specialist at Fantastic Pest Control(opens in new tab), spilled seeds from bird feeders will draw chipmunks. As a result, make sure to clean up any mess as soon as it appears. Additionally, he advises keeping bird feeders at least 15 to 30 feet away from any structures. The pests' ability to access them will be hampered by this.

It will also help to use bird feeders that are specifically made to be chipmunk-proof, as well as to attach baffles.

Additionally, if you are cultivating fruits and vegetables in pots or raised garden beds, keep an eye out for any harvests that have fallen to the ground. As soon as you can, gather them up; otherwise, chipmunks will start to gather there.

Opt for Ultrasonic Repellents

'You can use ultrasonic sounds, which the human ear cannot hear, to deter rodents like chipmunks from entering your garden and yard, advises Jordan. These gadgets are easily available online. They are easily inserted into your lawn or flowerbeds, and while the chipmunks won't be harmed by them, the annoying noise (to them) will help keep them away.

Even ones that run on solar power are available for simple upkeep. They are a choice if you're looking for advice on how to remove moles as well.

Protect Your Bulbs

Have you gone to the trouble of planting bulbs for spring? The last thing you need is for chipmunks to dig them all up. However, these pests are unfortunately well known for doing so, especially when it comes to tulips.

According to Jordan, to stop chipmunks from digging up the bulbs, place them in bulb cages or under a layer of hardware cloth (the plants will still grow through the mesh grid). Instead, you can create your own DIY bulb cages out of chicken wire.

However, it's been reported that chipmunks don't like daffodil bulbs. So it might be a good idea to include these in your spring mix to ward them off.

Clear Up Your Plot

Always on the lookout for secure hiding spots, chipmunks may be found in low-lying shrubs, piles of leaves, or logs.

Therefore, if you want to know how to get rid of chipmunks in the garden, make an investment in some safe new log storage ideas and keep them away from the house to prevent chipmunks from digging beneath (and potentially into the foundations of your home). To make your plot as open and uninviting to chipmunks as possible, keep lawns mowed short, bag up fallen leaves to make leaf mold, and prune low branches.

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Make a Diy Anti-chipmunk Spray

In addition to commercially available repellents for chipmunks (look for non-toxic varieties), you can make one at home with relative ease.

Jordan advises mixing one cup (240 ml) of hot, soapy water with pureed garlic and hot peppers, then letting the mixture cool. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle after straining it and adding one tablespoon of castor oil. However, keep in mind that castor oil can be toxic to animals and should be kept out of the reach of kids.

Another concoction that is said to help deter chipmunks is a straightforward mixture of cayenne pepper and water. Mixtures with potent essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon are also said to be effective.

Spray your chosen repellent on the plants and areas in your garden that you want to keep out of the reach of chipmunks, but always perform a patch test first to make sure it won't harm any delicate plants, flowers, or foliage.

4 Tips to Keep Chipmunks Out of the Garden

  • Fence them out: Fences aren't always an effective way to keep chipmunks out because they are small, good climbers, and even better diggers. Small holes in a fence that is at least 6 inches underground and tall enough to be difficult for animals to scale may serve as a deterrent, especially when used in conjunction with other measures. Additional barriers against animals will be created by netting draped over the fence's top and sides.
  • Add some spice: You can deter chipmunks from congregating in your garden by liberally sprinkling cayenne, chili powder, or other spicy, potent foods around it. A generous sprinkle of medicated powder has also been effective in keeping chipmunks away, according to gardeners.
  • Trap them: Using a live trap designed specifically for chipmunks and releasing the rodents far from your home can be an efficient way to get rid of a small number of pests and get them out of your garden and into more welcoming areas. However, bear in mind that an adult chipmunk may be nearby with helpless babies if you're concerned about humane eradication.
  • Bring in a "predator": To keep chipmunks out of your yard, use a decoy predator like a motion-activated owl. Additionally, you can purchase a spray made from predatory animals' urine, such as red foxes and cats. Chipmunks will avoid the area because they will believe they are in danger due to the smell.

Do Chipmunks Bite?

Even though they are usually not aggressive (if you come across one, they will most likely flee), chipmunks have been known to bite and scratch when they feel trapped or threatened. Consult a doctor right away if this occurs to you or your pet because they could be carriers of diseases and the wound could become infected.

Other pests, such as wasps, may pose a more immediate threat.


How to Get Rid of Chipmunks With Cayenne Pepper

Add 2 tbs. of pepper spray to a simple recipe for repelling chipmunks. of ground cayenne pepper to 1 quart of boiling water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture after allowing it to cool.

How to Keep Chipmunks from Digging

  1. To prevent them from digging under porches, retaining walls, sidewalks, and foundations, use an L-shaped footer.
  2. Trim back plantings that surround the area of concern that serve as cover or food sources and remove any piles of wood or rocks.
  3. Put a gravel border around it without any plants.

Does Vinegar Repel Chipmunks

You can use apple cider vinegar to spray the area. Any grocery store has it on hand. It doesn't harm plants or flower pots when sprayed directly on them.

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Walls

If you are sure to have chipmunks living in your wall, you need to humanely trap and remove them. Trapping chipmunks has proven to be the most practical method for getting rid of them in almost all domestic situations. Trapping must only be carried out, though, when there are no young present.