4 best creeping plant growing in the garden

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

4 best creeping plant growing in the garden

Creeping plants are especially good for yards. They can replace lawns, but they aren't as hardy as lawns, and can be placed next to slate paths or in areas with slopes. These creeping plants can easily grow in a large area provided they are well drained. These plants are called "ground cover" and are very beautiful flowering plants. The following are 4 best creeping plants growing in the garden.

What is creeping flowers

Creeping flowers or "creepers" are typically viewed to be small, viny flowers that grow shut to the ground. They are additionally referred to as procumbent plants.

In instances the place their vines are lengthy ample and you desire to have them climb a structure, you want to information them (train them) and tightly closed them to a guide if they are to obtain an awful lot peak at all. In this sense, they fluctuate from "climbers," which are every other classification of vine. For example, you ought to tie the vines to the shape loosely with twine. Even some vegetation that have a tendency naturally to develop greater upright frequently want such help.
But most proper creepers are smaller flora that appear to absolutely to crawl "on their bellies" alongside the ground, these normally make precise floor covers. You ought to now not force-train them to climb, due to the fact they are simply too brief for that. The longest vines belong to creeping myrtle and creeping juniper plants. But do no longer be fooled through frequent names: Some vegetation with "creeper" in their names are energetic climbers, which include Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia).

1. Creeping thyme 

Creeping thyme is a variety of creeping growth of thyme, its plants are particularly small, usually spread on the soil growth, it is suitable for keeping on the slope or slope road, its plants are relatively small, green leaves all the year round, and can maintain many years of growth.

Creeping thyme has a faint scent and green leaves, proper maintenance can be a large pink flower, it itself is very drought tolerant and wear tolerance, is not too much demand for light. When we grow creeping thyme in the garden, avoid soil moisture or water, and often don't in low-lying areas, the curing environment also should maintain good ventilation previous to light.  

4 best creeping plants growing in the garden
Creeping thyme is one of the best creeping plant growing in the garden

2. Phlox drummondii 

The flowers of this plant are like the cherry blossoms that grow on the ground. It is a very small plant, but the flowers are very colorful. It is a very attractive landscape plant, which is often grown in stone gardens or on slopes.

Phlox drummondii has a certain ability of cold resistance, suitable for keeping in a warm and cool place, with a certain ability of drought resistance. When we grow phlox drummondii in the garden, we do not frequently feed water during the maintenance, the location of the maintenance should have more sunshine.

Phlox drummondii has different varieties, the color is usually pink, white, red, purple, etc., its flowers are particularly delicate, when in a large area of bloom, it is particularly shocking, even if it can not see its leaves when flowering.  

4 best creeping plant growing in the garden
Phlox drummondii is one of the best creeping plant growing in the garden

3. Big leaf periwinkle  

It is a kind of semi-shady landscape plant. It is suitable to keep in the shady edge of the flower bed.Changchun flowers and leaves can be arranged on the balcony, is a creeping growth of landscape plants. Its leaves are with a phnom edge, and the flowers are usually blue, especially beautiful colors, there are also some blue purple varieties.

The gorgeous leaves of the bigleaf periwinkle appear particularly attractive with the fresh flowers. bigleaf periwinkle like the perennial warm environment, only in the perennial place without frost can dew keep outdoors. When we grow bigleaf periwinkle in the garden, every day there is the appropriate light it can grow exuberantly, raising good can grow a large area.  

4 best creeping plant growing in the garden
Big leaf periwinkle is one of the best creeping plant growing in the garden

4. Creeping jenny 

Creeping jenny is a kind of foliage and flower type plants. It is very suitable for keeping in the side of the stone road, its leaves look like a string of copper coins, in the proper light place, the leaves will be changed from green to gold, ornamental is very good.

Creeping jenny can be kept in a sunny place, and can also be kept in half shade. When we grow creeping jenny in the garden, if there is no sunlight, its leaves will turn green. creeping jenny flower that opens to come out also is golden yellow, the leaf that tie-in yellow appears to be liked all the more.  

4 best creeping plant growing in the garden
Creeping jenny is one of the best creeping plant growing in the garden