Ideas about large indoor garden

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Ideas about large indoor garden
If you have an area in your home and fill it with soil and plants to create a large indoor garden, wouldn't you be tempted? This article focuses on some Ideas about large indoor garden design.
You can transform the original shower location into a garden, and finally install glass to create a greenhouse. If you think that the transformation is too big, combined potted plants or glass potted plants are also good new choices. How to choose a suitable method for indoor potted planting?
Copying nature indoors is more complicated than imagined. If you are interested in creating a successful indoor garden, you can try the following methods to create a container indoor garden.

Container large indoor gardening

Container gardening is a quite suitable method for large indoor gardening. This method uses traditional gardening soil and methods for planting, while hydroponic garden is a special type of large indoor garden that uses fertilized water and non-soil media and is placed vertically. Container indoor gardens can grow any type of plants of any size and are suitable for growing vegetables. As long as you properly control the environment, temperature, watering frequency and soil conditions are all important. In general, most plants can thrive in a soil temperature of 24-29°C.
Like the garden outside, you can grow a variety of plants indoors, including vegetables, berries, herbs, flowers and decorative green plants. Some plants will thrive indoors, while others will struggle. Some popular indoor grown plants include:
Eat: lettuce, beans, peas, mushrooms, strawberries.
Vanilla: basil, bay laurel, chives, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme
Ornamental: Peace lilies, African violets, marigolds, crabapples, cacti and succulents.
 large indoor garden
You cannot grab soil directly from the large indoor garden for planting. Soil from the outside usually contains diseases and insects, which will kill your plants over time. You can choose to purchase prefabricated potting mix directly. If you want to make your own potting mix, you can use 1 part coconut shell brick, 1 part vermiculite, and 2 parts compost. These are all available on the market.
You'd better soak the coconut shell bricks. Generally speaking, there are instructions on the package, you just follow the attached soaking instructions. Then you should mix the coconut shell fiber and vermiculite evenly, and then add the compost. If you have the ability, adding a few earthworms is also a good addition. In addition, you could add compost or fertilizer to the container every few months to help provide nutrients to your indoor plants.

Large glass indoor bonsai

The combination of glass and potted plants is also very popular. The translucent glass is not only beautiful, but also helps plants maintain humidity and temperature, which is more suitable for the growth of tropical indoor plants. The materials needed to make glass bonsai are succulents, volcanic rocks, nutrient soil and glass containers. Usually you could add volcanic rock to the bottom layer to help drainage, then add nutrient soil, and finally mulch or moss.
Some plant lovers even plant tropical plants in bathtubs. The rich water vapor and warm environment make the birds of paradise and other plants grow better. Growing at home is not complicated, and caring is the most difficult place. Hurry up, it's high time that you should create your own indoor large garden, and enhance the happiness of your home!

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