How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost In 2023?

Written by Ivy

Dec 15 2022

How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost In 2023?

A gravel driveway can cost as little as $300 or as much as $60,000. A 16 by-38-foot gravel driveway typically costs $1,500.

  • Typical Range: $300 to $60,000
  • National Average: $1,500

Any home may benefit from a gravel driveway, which is also reasonably priced. Gravel might be a good option if you're looking for an alternative to an asphalt or concrete driveway. Depending on the length of the driveway, the price of a gravel driveway can run anywhere from $300 to a staggering $60,000. The national average for installation is a more affordable $1,500, or between $1.25 and $1.80 per square foot.

How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost Per Square Foot?

Driveway gravel prices generally go for around $1.25 to $1.80 per square foot, including the cost of equipment and professional installation. Considering the cost of concrete driveways, which go for about $4 to $15 per square foot, or the cost of asphalt driveways at $7 to $15 per square foot, it's no wonder some homeowners prefer this budget-friendly option. Just make sure to keep your shoes on, as walking barefoot on gravel won't provide the same smooth surface.

There are a few outliers in terms of price depending on the kind of material you're looking for. Here is the average gravel cost per square foot for these popular varieties:

  • Gravel: $1 per sq. ft.

  • Rock base: $0.95 per sq. ft.

  • Pebbles: $1.80 per sq. ft.

  • Crushed stone/limestone: $2.30 per sq. ft.

  • Crushed shells: $0.90 per sq. ft.

  • Caliche: $0.75 per sq. ft.

Once more, the aforementioned sums include the cost of labor and commonplace equipment. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase the materials from and the packaging that the company uses to sell them. Some businesses, for instance, sell in 100-square-foot increments, while others sell by the cubic yard. If you buy driveway gravel at a per-ton price, you might receive bulk discounts.

How to Calculate Gravel Driveway Cost

There should be three layers of crushed gravel in a gravel driveway. There should be four to six inches of gravel in each layer. You can determine how much gravel you'll need in cubic feet by multiplying the driveway's area (the length times the width, measured in square feet) by the gravel's depth (all measured in feet). For example, if a driveway has three layers of gravel that are each 4 inches thick, and it measures 16 feet wide by 38 feet long, the calculation would be:

1 foot x 608 square feet = 608 cubic feet

Each 4-inch layer's depth is added together (4+4+4) to equal 12 inches, or 1 foot. The driveway's square footage can be calculated by multiplying its length by its width (16 feet x 38 feet = 608 square feet). The total volume of gravel required (608 cubic feet) is calculated by multiplying the total depth (1 foot) by the area (608 square feet). As soon as you know this amount, you can estimate the cost of a gravel driveway by taking into account the different types of gravel that are readily available.

Gravel Driveway Cost Factors

Your gravel driveway costs will vary based on these important considerations. The length of the driveway, the kind of gravel you select for the various layers, and any significant grading or clearing that is required on your property will likely have the biggest impact on your project.

Type of Gravel

The gravel you select will have a big impact on the price. If you need to cover a large area, keep in mind the different types of gravel you can use; if you select a more expensive gravel type, your project's overall cost may quickly go over your ideal budget.

Additional Tools & Materials

On average, concrete removal costs about $970, with a low end of $250 and a high end of $3,000.

Grading a Resloping

Resloping work costs most homeowners an average of $1,900, with a low end of $400 and a high end of $5,000. You should prepare to do some resloping work unless your property is entirely flat.

Tree Removal & Site Clearing

Removing trees costs an average of $660, with a low end of $80 and a high end of $1,650.

The removal of a tree, however, will require you to clear your land. Expect to pay an average of $2,600, with a low end of $450 and a high end of $8,500 in site preparation costs. The price per square foot is $1.30 to $2.

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Drainage Considerations

The cost of a drainage system is $2,000 to $5,500. Your gravel driveway will last as long as possible if a drainage system is installed.

Taxes & Permits

To build your driveway, you might need to submit an application for a permit, and you might also have to make a tax payment. These cost $500 to $2,000 per project. For more details, speak with the county or city offices in your area.


A gravel driveway or road costs $1.25 to $1.80 per square foot. An average 2-car driveway is about 16 by 40 feet, or 640 square feet, putting your project at around $800 to $1,150.

As little as a tenth of a mile or even a mile may be required to lay gravel for a private road. For a short private road that's a tenth of a mile long (about 530 feet) and 16 feet wide, you're looking at a project that's 8,480 square feet. That'll cost $10,600 to $15,260.


Delivery costs may or may not be included in the company's quote. Some locations offer free delivery if it is within a certain distance (for example, free delivery if it is within 10 miles). Also, you may need to order a minimum amount of gravel for delivery, which can be a cubic yard or even 20 tons. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay $5 per mile for delivery.


The average price of labor is $30 per hour, including the cost of supplies and equipment. The typical driveway job should take two workers about two hours. A gravel driveway installation by a pro may cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. The project's size, location, and whether or not the materials needed to be delivered or were already on site are just a few of the variables.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gravel Driveway Yourself?

Although more than simply pouring the rocks into place is required to install a gravel driveway, it is still a DIY project that capable hands can complete.

Prior to moving on, it's crucial to understand that the weight of gravel is nothing to kick rocks at. Since you'll be doing some heavy lifting, eat a filling breakfast and stretch beforehand. By laying the rocks down the length of your driveway rather than just leaving a big pile, your gravel delivery truck might be able to assist. Asking is always beneficial.

Here are the basic supplies you need, along with their average prices:

  • Landscape stakes: $10

  • Landscaping fabric: $120

  • Twine: $3

  • Work gloves: $15

  • Wheelbarrow: $60

  • Shovel: $20

  • Hoe: $20

  • Steel rake: $15

Total: $263

You must remove any grass and topsoil from the area before laying down your fabric and gravel. You may be able to handle a small area with a shovel and wheelbarrow, but ideally you'll rent a backhoe or excavator for about $350 per day.

You'll also want to rent a mechanical compactor for about $100 per day to settle the stones into place. The compactor will produce the best results, but you might get away with it if you have a large truck that you can use to repeatedly drive over the stones.

Gravel Driveway Cost Breakdown

The price of a gravel driveway is fairly straightforward: you must factor in the cost of the rock base, the gravel itself, and labor. For additional supply and equipment costs if you decide not to use the labor, see the section above.

Rock Base Price

You'll spend about $0.65 per square foot for the rock base, which is the first layer that gets laid before the actual gravel. This is usually around $38 for a cubic yard or about $46 for a ton.

Driveway Gravel Prices

Driveway rock prices are typically between $0.40 and $2 per square foot for materials alone. Prices on the mineral market can change as a result of supply and demand.

Here are average prices for the different types:

  • Gravel: $0.70 per sq. ft.

  • Crushed stone/limestone: $2 per sq. ft.

  • Crushed shells: $0.60 per sq. ft.

  • Rock pebbles (river rocks): $1.50 per sq. ft.

  • Crusher run: $0.40 per sq. ft.

  • Caliche: $0.45 per sq. ft.

Cost to Install a Gravel Driveway Professionally

The labor for your gravel driveway install typically goes for about $30 per hour. Of course, the cost may vary depending on the complexity of the project, the local construction market, and where you live.

How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost by Type?

The cost of driveway gravel varies depending on the type, and each has a distinctive appearance and feel. The average costs for some of the most well-liked types are listed below.

Steel Slag Driveway Cost

Steel slag costs about $24 per ton. This byproduct of steel prefers dry climates because it expands in humid environments.

Crush-and-Run Driveway Cost

A crush-and-run driveway, also called a crusher run, is one of the most affordable options at about $0.40 per square foot. You might also pay $20 per cubic yard or around $28 per ton.

Limestone/Crushed Rock Driveway Cost

The most expensive option, crushed limestone or crushed stone might be as much as $55 per cubic yard or $2 per cubic foot. Your cost will depend on which of the many colors and designs you choose, as they all have different price tags.

Pea Gravel Driveway Cost

Pea gravel prices generally go for between $15 and $75 per cubic yard. The landscaping industry uses these tiny pea-shaped stones the most, but gravel driveways can also use them.

River Rock (Rock Pebble) Driveway Price

Rock pebbles, aka river rocks, cost about $1.50 per square foot and about $86 per cubic yard, or about $100 per ton. These are an additional more expensive option, but they frequently have lovely color variations. Rock pebbles also have a smoother surface than the competition, which makes them much more hospitable to feet.

Caliche Driveway Cost

Caliche costs about $0.45 per square foot or $25 per cubic yard. A ton goes for around $32. This sedimentary rock is most frequently found in the southwest and other arid regions, where it thrives.

Cost of a Crushed Shell Driveway

Crushed shells typically run for about $0.60 per square foot or $40 per cubic yard. You might also pay around $50 per ton. If you missed your last vacation, they're a great way to bring the beach to your house.

Steel Slag Driveway Cost

Steel slag costs about $24 per ton. This steel byproduct expands in humid environments, so it works best in drier environments.


Cost of 100 Foot Gravel Driveway

$1,200 – $3,600 12×100 road. A compacted gravel driveway 8" to 12" thick costs $1 to $3 per square foot to install. Costs range from $600 to $1,800 for a 24 x 24 gravel driveway for two cars. A 12×100 gravel road costs $1,200 to $3,600 or $4 to $12 per linear foot.

Cost of Gravel Driveway Per Square Foot

The average square-foot cost of a gravel driveway is $1 to $3 per square foot. Both the typical cost of labor (usually charged by the hour) and the typical cost of materials (typically sold by the ton) are included in this.

Is a Gravel Or Asphalt Driveway Cheaper?

Gravel is more affordable than asphalt, but asphalt is still an accessible paving material. Speak to your local paving contractor about asphalt and how much your project would cost before sticking with gravel because of its low cost.