Why Does My Zebra Plant Have Brown Tips

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

Why Does My Zebra Plant Have Brown Tips
Zebra plant leaves are highly recognizable and have high ornamental value. However, during the maintenance process, the blade tip of zebra plant often withers. If it is not remedied in time, it will greatly affect its aesthetics. Next, let's learn about the causes and solutions of zebra plant Brown tips.
Zebra plant likes to grow in a warm, dry and sunny environment. It is not resistant to low temperature and too humid environment. In the process of maintenance, too much watering, too strong light or too dry air and low temperature will cause zebra plant Brown tips.


Zebra plant is a plant with strong drought resistance. It does not like water and humidity. In the maintenance process, we must pay attention to reducing watering to avoid ponding in the basin. Once watered too much, it is easy to cause rotten roots in plants, so that the leaves cannot absorb nutrients normally and become zebra plant Brown tips. At this time, we need to check whether there is water in the basin. Once there is water, stop watering and move it to a ventilated place to make its water evaporate quickly. Especially in rainy weather, zebra plant plants should be prevented from being exposed to rain and the soil drainage should be kept unobstructed. (Read more about The Best Soil For Zebra Plant.)


Although too much water is likely to cause the root rot of zebra plant succulents, we can't leave it watered for a long time, because if we want it to grow well, we still need to maintain sufficient water in its growing season. Moreover, in some seasons with too dry and little water, it is easy to cause brown tips on zebra plant leaves, which is caused by water shortage. At this time, we need to pay attention to supplement watering in time, Spray water vapor properly to maintain a certain humidity.

Direct Sunlight

Zebra plant is native to Africa. This plant likes light, but can't accept strong direct light for a long time. Especially in summer, zebra plant prefers soft light, and the environment must be ventilated, otherwise it will dry the leaf tip, which will reduce the ornamental. If zebra plant is maintained in the sun for a long time, zebra plant Brown tips is easy to occur.
At this time, we need to maintain it in a cool place in time, and only keep a small amount of scattered light to make it recover slowly. In addition, during daily maintenance, we need to pay attention to avoid zebra plant from being exposed to strong light and keep bright and sufficient scattered light.

Rot Root

Zebra plant is drought resistant, especially afraid of water and humidity. We should not water too much when maintaining zebra plant, especially when it is dormant. If there is too much water, the root will rot, which will lead to the withering of the leaf tip. Root rot can not transport nutrients normally, and insufficient nutrient supply will produce zebra plant Brown tips. Especially in the rainy season, we must avoid too much rain, and drainage measures need to be taken in the rainy season.
Why Does My Zebra Plant Have Brown Tips

Lack Of Humidity

Zebra plant Brown tips can easily occur if the environment for breeding zebra plant is dry and poorly ventilated. Due to lack of water, it will dry up slowly from the leaf tip. If the environment is too dry, flower friends can spray water on zebra plant plants with a sprinkler to increase the environmental humidity. We can also use an empty mineral water bottle, cut off half of the water bottle, poke several holes, spray some water on the bottle wall, and then cover the zebra plant directly, so as to maintain a certain humidity.
Although zebra plant prefers a dry growth environment, its leaf tips will dry up when the air is too dry, so it is necessary to spray water properly for moisturizing during normal maintenance. Zebra plant is suitable for growth and development in a natural environment with natural ventilation. If the natural ventilation is not good and the indoor air is dry, zebra plant Brown tips will easily occur. If the natural environment is too dry, flower friends can spray water on the main stem of zebra plant to improve the relative humidity of the air; If the natural environment is not naturally ventilated, open a window for natural ventilation.


In the whole process of breeding zebra plant, although it is not easy to get sick with long insects, it will also be damaged by pests and susceptible to pests under the conditions of poor maintenance and unnatural ventilation of the natural environment. The emergence of this disease will produce zebra plant Brown tips. The solution to this problem is very simple. We need to identify the main diseases and then carry out prevention for injection.
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