Does Zebra Plant Bloom Flowers?

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

Does Zebra Plant Bloom Flowers?
Zebra plant is a very common succulent plant, but many friends are curious about whether it will bloom. In fact, zebra plant will bloom. Do you know what zebra plant looks like? Zebra plant will bloom. Zebra plant usually blooms in late spring and early summer. Its pedicel is straight and slender, the flowers are small and lovely, the color is yellow, the petals turn outward, and its receptacle is long, so it is very likable.

What Does A Zebra Plant Flower Look Like?

Zebra plant is flowering. The inflorescence is drawn from the leaf axils. The pedicel is straight and slender. The flowers are small, blue and purple. The flowers are tubular, the petals turn outward, and the receptacle is long. zebra plant blooms in late spring and early summer. Zebra plant has short plants without obvious aboveground stems, and its leaves are covered with white stripes, which is very lovely and pleasant.

How Do I Get My Zebra Plant To Bloom?

Does Zebra Plant Bloom Flowers
Zebra plants will bloom in spring and autumn. It does not need to spray to promote flowers. It will bloom under natural maintenance. The breeding basin soil should be mainly granular soil, add a small amount of peat soil and put slow-release fertilizer on it. It is not resistant to cold and high temperature, avoid exposure to the sun, and avoid long-term humidity of the basin soil. After flowering, if watering is dry, it will be watered, and if watering is thorough, it will sleep if it is lower than 10 degrees, and the minimum can not be lower than 5 degrees. After flowering, try to put it outdoors for maintenance and maintain ventilation.
During flowering, it is found that the plant grows thin and weak. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied or the flower arrows can be cut off, so as not to consume too much nutrients and affect the growth of the plant after flowering. However, you need to know that zebra plant will not die after flowering, but the plant will grow thin because it consumes most of the nutrients after flowering. Don't worry. Supplement nutrients in time and you will recover slowly.

Should I Cut the Flower Off My Zebra Plant?

If the plant does not grow well, we can choose cut the flower off zebra plant. At this time, it is easy to consume a lot of nutrients, resulting in different degrees of shrinkage of the plant for a period of time. So if we don't like flowers very much or want to keep seeds, we can usually choose to cut off the flower arrows. At this time, it's best to choose large particle soil for basin soil. You can add a small amount of peat soil and mix it with some good fertilizer. We should also control the water supply to prevent ponding in the basin and avoid rotten roots of zebra plant. During flowering, if the plant does not grow well and the leaves are not full and strong, you can choose to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to supplement the nutrients consumed by such plants due to flowering, or cut off the flowers of zebra plant to avoid excessive nutrient consumption. Place the plant in a sunny place and keep the temperature at about 16-20 ℃.
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