How To Propagate Zebra Plant

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How To Propagate Zebra Plant
Zebra plant can be propagated in autumn and winter. After zebra plant flowering, the inflorescence internodes will grow adventitious buds. We can directly cut them as cuttings or use the terminal buds. Peel the top bud 5-8 cm from the upper part of the plant, wait until the wound is dry, plant it directly in a small basin, and put it in a place with warm scattered light for maintenance.

When To Propagate Zebra Plant

Zebra plant can be propagated in autumn and winter. The growth is obvious in autumn and winter. In summer, the growth stops and enters the dormancy period. zebra plant likes warm, dry and sunny environment. Afraid of low temperature and humidity. Our propagating zebra plant is suitable for fertile and loose sandy loam. Drought resistance requires well drained and nutrient rich soil. Zebra plant has strong adaptability to temperature. The optimal temperature for growth is between 20-30 ℃. It needs to stay above 10 ℃ in winter, and it will enter the dormant state when it is lower than 5 ℃.
Zebra plant was originally born in the tropical arid region of Southern Africa. It has good ornamental value and is also deeply loved by meat lovers. For novice friends who have just come into contact with zebra plant planting, they may not know its breeding methods and propagation methods. The following editor will introduce how zebra plant raises and matters needing attention in the propagation of succulent zebra plant, hoping to help flower friends who like zebra plant. (Read more about The Best Soil For Zebra Plant.)

Propagating Zebra Plant By Division

It is best to choose early spring from February to March when the soil thaws and the temperature rises. Remove the mother plant from the basin, remove the excess soil, separate the coiled roots as much as possible, and trim the old roots and diseased roots. We should use a sharp knife to separate the plants. Each plant should have a root system, and its leaves should be properly trimmed, which is conducive to the survival of the plants. We can soak the cut small plants in chlorothalonil solution for 5 minutes, take them out and dry them, and then plant them in a basin. Or use chlorothalonil to clean and irrigate the roots after putting them into the basin, and then maintain them normally.

Propagating Zebra Plant By Layering

Successful leaf cutting propagation is to grow new plants from one leaf. When propagating zebra plant by layering, we should remove the soil at the bottom of the plant and select a complete leaf with a part of stem tissue. We can put rooting powder on the leaves and dry them in the shade. Then put the leaves in warm, shady and humid soil. If you are lucky, the leaves will take root and grow small plants.

Propagating Zebra Plant By Cuttings

This plant will grow a lot of lateral buds in a certain environment. Lateral buds can be separated from the mother plant and then planted directly in the soil through propagating zebra plant by cuttings. After the lateral buds are removed, there will be a wound. Apply rooting powder, put it in the shade for 1 ~ 2 days, and then plant. We should water carefully and keep the soil moist until the lateral buds take root.
How To Propagate Zebra Plant

Propagating Zebra Plant From Seed

Propagating Zebra Plant From Seed usually takes place between March and April. Sow zebra plant seeds in POTS filled with cultivated soil, put them temporarily in the shade after watering, keep moist, and germinate in about 25 days under the condition of 25-30 degrees Celsius. Do not think that after the germination of seeds, there is no need to manage, but this time to more careful maintenance. We must ensure adequate water supply while the Zebra Plant sprouts develop into seedlings and grow.

Propagating Zebra Plant In Water

Propagating Zebra Plant In Water naturally requires selecting zebra plants first. At present, there are two main methods. Propagate from the Zebra Plant cuttings in water, and new roots can germinate in about 10 days. You can also use an old Zebra Plant with clean roots, which is to wash the zebra plant roots before hydroponics. You can rinse the Zebra Plant on tap water repeatedly, but be careful not to hurt the roots.
hydroponic Zebra Plant will have a period of adaptation period, the roots also need to be replaced, and even in the early stage there will be root rot, so pay attention to change water frequently. The initial success of hydroponic culture can only be counted as a new root after the adaptation period. Before the new roots grow, Zebra Plant had not adapted to it, and it was easy to burn the roots if the nutrient solution was added. This process is very normal, at the beginning of hydroponics did not produce water roots, can not absorb nutrients from the water, so Zebra Plant yellow leaves, leaves fall. After giving birth to water root, it can absorb nutrients from water, and leaves naturally grow more and more. Suggest you often change water, increase the oxygen content of water just beneficial plant water root. 

Aftercare of Zebra Plant Propagation 


Zebra plant is a sunny succulent plant, but it is afraid of exposure to the hot sun. In summer, it needs to be maintained in a semi cloudy environment to avoid strong light to prevent burns. In winter, sufficient light conditions are needed. Insufficient light is easy to cause leaf degradation and shrinkage, which seriously affects normal growth.


The succulent zebra plant has strong adaptability to temperature, and the best growth temperature is between 20-30 ℃. It needs to stay above 10 ℃ in winter, and it will enter the dormant state when it is lower than 5 ℃. Zebra plant is not resistant to high temperature and should adapt to shading in summer. However, if the light is too weak, the leaves will deteriorate and shrink.


Zebra plant, like other succulent plants, is more drought resistant. It can be watered only after it is dry, and it can not be watered until it is dry. Watering should be appropriate in the growing season, and the basin soil should be dry. Excessive watering and poor drainage are easy to cause root rot. Zebra plant has dormancy period in summer and winter, and watering shall be controlled at this time. In rainy season, it is necessary to prevent rain washing. Light rain can be drenched, but heavy rain or even cloudy rain should be avoided.
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