Why Are My Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

Why Are My Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Yellow
Zebra plant is a kind of succulent plant with a very personalized shape. The leaves of zebra plant are conical, gradually smaller from the bottom to the low end, and the top is very sharp. There are circles of intermittent stripes on the surface of the leaves, which looks very personalized. It not only has high ornamental value, but also has a strong ability to purify the air, However, people always encounter the phenomenon of yellow leaves of zebra plant in the process of planting. What is the reason for the yellow leaves? Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of zebra plant's yellow leaves!


Zebra plant is different from other plants. It doesn't like too much water. Its root system is very fragile. If it is watered too fast or no one takes care of it for a long time, the basin soil is too dry and the root growth is poor, resulting in the yellowing of zebra plant leaves. It should be watered properly in the maintenance of zebra plant. At the stage of its growth period, it should be more exposed to the sun, You don't need to pour too much water. You just need to keep the basin soil wet. If the basin soil is dry, water it. If it is wet, don't pour it. If it is too wet after pouring, loosen the soil to ensure its air permeability and drainage to reduce the yellowing of zebra plant leaves. (Read more about watering Zebra plantand The Best Soil For Zebra Plant.)
Why Are My Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Fertilizer Problems

Zebra plant likes to grow in semi cloudy environment. If the light is too strong during its dormancy period, the leaves of zebra plant will turn yellow, and the evaporation rate of water under strong light will double. If the light is insufficient, the photosynthetic efficiency of leaves will be reduced, and the leaves lacking chlorophyll will turn yellow and become dull, We can choose the best place to place the scattered light as far as possible. During the period from noon to 2 o'clock in summer, we should do a good job in protection. We can move the plant to a darker place to prevent the leaves from being burned by strong light, so as to reduce the yellowing of zebra plant leaves.

Pest And Disease

If Aphelandra Squarrosa is infected with root rot, the plant and leaves will be damaged, slowly corroded, and the lack of leaf nutrition will lead to the yellowing of zebra plant leaves. At ordinary times, observe the state of plants and leaves. In case of decay or insect pests, deal with them in time. You can buy some pesticides in the market for control, and cut off all rotten roots, Then apply medicine to prevent bacterial infection and spread.

Too Much Sunlight

Zebra plant likes semi cloudy environment. If the light is too strong, especially during dormancy, zebra plant's leaves will turn yellow or even red; If the light is weak, the leaves will lose their luster due to the lack of leaf green. Therefore, during normal maintenance, we should try our best to place zebra plant in a place with sufficient scattered light for maintenance. If the light is strong, especially in summer, it should be properly shaded.

High Temperature

Zebra plant is suitable for growing in a warm climate. If the ambient temperature is very high during indoor maintenance, it will cause water loss in the leaves, resulting in withered and yellow leaves. At this time, the yellow leaves of zebra plant should be cut off, the plants should be placed in a ventilated and cool place, and then a certain temperature difference should be controlled, so that zebra plant will grow healthily.
These are the reasons and solutions for the yellowing of zebra plant leaves. Zebra plant is generally not prone to yellowing. After all, it is a succulent plant, and its leaves are thick. Therefore, with a little maintenance on weekdays, it can keep its growth in good condition without problems, and occasionally spray some insect and disease prevention agents to prevent it, This will reduce the chance of zebra plant leaf yellowing.
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