How To Water Zebra Plant

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How To Water Zebra Plant
Zebra plant is drought resistant and you don't have to water it too often. It can be dried and watered thoroughly in the growing season, and properly moisturized. In summer and winter, the temperature is uncomfortable and the growth is slow. Zebra plant will even stop growing. We should strictly control the water. Water should be poured along the edge of the flowerpot, do not drip on the leaves, and pay attention not to accumulate water. If we change the basin for Zebra plant, let zebra plant slow down the basin for new plants or just bought ones, and water them for a period of time to wet the soil and avoid damaging the roots.

How to Avoid Gravity Water

Zebra Plant suck water is usually the first surface and pelvic floor, followed by the plastic edge of the basin, and the middle part of the basin is the slowest dry, and also the most vulnerable place to cause rotting roots. If the water is in large quantities in the basin, plus ventilation is not good, and the sun does not give the steam to evaporate quickly, then zebra plant will easily lead to waterlogging causing rot.

Zebra Plant Watering Frequency

After buying zebra plant succulent, many friends are most concerned about how often to water it. In fact, there is no fixed answer to this question, because zebra plant has different water-holding capacity, different environmental ventilation and evaporation rates, different basin sizes, different varieties' water absorption capacity, different water supply methods and different seasons, which will lead to different water supply rhythms, Therefore, this question is generally a novice's question, and there will not be the best answer in line with the actual situation. The real and reasonable watering of zebra plant is based on the water supply method and the judgment of soil moisture. The safest way is that the soil is alternately dry and wet, and it is also more dry and wet because of the alternation of seasons.

Zebra Plant Watering Method

Some people like soaking pots. The above-mentioned about avoiding gravity water has mentioned the distribution and drying of soil moisture, so this method not only takes man hours, but also is easy to cause over-wetting in the lower part of zebra plant. Watering from the upper part of the flowerpot and water supply from top to bottom will evaporate with the air circulation and sunlight, and enter the safe and humid state earlier.
Although the lower part of the basin dries slowly, the root hair that really absorbs water is in that part, so it must be watered thoroughly. However, watering zebra plant thoroughly is not to see a large amount of water from the basin bottom. When a large amount of water is discharged, a large amount of excessive gravity water may exist in the lower middle of the basin, resulting in a longer time for the lower soil moisture to dry to an appropriate safety. Especially in summer when microbial activity peak, the deep part is continuously wet for more than half a day, which is more likely to lead to risk. Therefore, watering thoroughly is actually just the beginning of water from the basin bottom. At that time, only a few pipes in the zebra plants basin were wet, and a large amount of plant materials will evenly capillary the excess water in these pipes, resulting in the humidity in the deep part of the basin, but there will be no large amount of gravity water retention.
For the seedlings newly put into the basin, the shallow soil surface needs to be relatively safely wetted, because the zebra plant root system has not fully developed and does not need a lot of water, and there may be relatively dangerous large-area wounds in both seedlings and cutting tissue. Therefore, it is recommended to wet the soil surface and stop without waiting for water from the basin bottom, The next water supply time of this basin can be 2-3 days, and then give it in such a small amount. To judge whether the water supply time, you can dig it down slightly with your fingers. The soil surface is 2cm dry and there is no moisture. You can give it once. (Read more about The Best Soil For Zebra Plant.)
How To Water Zebra Plant

When To Water Zebra Plant

The water supply mode should also change with the seasons. Summer is the most dangerous. When the night temperature is higher than 28 ℃, the acid metabolism of twelve rolls has stopped and entered deep dormancy. Zebra plant depends on reserves. In order to avoid root rot of zebra plant caused by excessive water supply, it is reasonable to keep the soil not completely dry. However, in fact, it is still necessary to supply water appropriately, because if the basin is completely dry, the basin soil can be nearly 40 ℃ when the air is above 40 ℃ during the day.
If there is a small amount of water in the zebra plant soil, the soil temperature is usually slightly lower with evaporation. At this time, the water can reduce the soil temperature and protect the root hair from overheating and serious damage. Therefore, this is the most dangerous season for water supply, but it is necessary to supply water. If a large amount of gravity water is left in zebra plant basin, it is easy to cause root rot, which can rot up to the main stem within a few days, resulting in the destruction of years of cultivation. Without water supply, it may lead to root damage and slow recovery in the later stage. Therefore, zebra plant needs to supply water this season, but be careful. The best time can be late at night or early in the morning. It can also stop the water at the bottom of the basin. However, zebra plant's state should not be expected to be too good. Moderate redness and collapse in summer is the safest. If you feed it very fat and tender in summer, it may be as long as the water is a little too much, Something dangerous could happen.
In fact, watering zebra plant is different in different seasons, and the methods of raising twelve rolls in different regions will be different. Only by finding a feeding method suitable for your own meat can you make your meat grow more beautiful.

Zebra Plant Basin Selection

When choosing zebra plant basin, we'd better choose ceramic basin. This basin not only scatters water, but also breathes air. When you water too much, the basin can make up for this mistake, but watering with this kind of basin should be more thorough, otherwise the lower part of the soil will be very dry and it is not easy to provide nutrients to the roots. If the plastic basin is used, it should be considered carefully. When selecting the basin, try to choose one similar to the size of zebra plant. Generally, the basin is about two centimeters larger than the plant, and it is best to choose black when selecting the plastic basin.

Zebra Plant Watering During Dormancy

Although zebra plant has very strong drought resistance, it also needs watering and fertilizer. If watering is too frequent, there will be accumulated water in the zebra plant flower pot, resulting in its rotten roots. Therefore, it is generally enough to pour it to the bottom of the pot and just run out. The seedlings just planted have small roots and do not take root deeply. They do not need too much water. They just need to keep the soil surface moist. They can be watered by watering.
Zebra plant is in semi-dormant period in winter and summer, which is relatively dry. This is the season to pay more attention to watering carefully. The best watering time is late at night or when the sun is about to rise in the morning. In addition, it is also necessary to stop watering when the basin bottom flows out. If the soil in the basin is excessively wet in winter, it will also cause the roots of zebra plant to rot and the leaves to shrink.

Precautions for Watering Zebra Plant

1. When watering zebra plant, we should strictly control the amount of water, stop water supply when the water flows out of the basin bottom, and avoid such plants from rotting roots caused by ponding.
2. We can also adjust the water supply and watering time according to the season and plant growth. The water supply and frequency during dormancy should be small, and the water supply and frequency can be increased in early spring and early autumn.
3. We should put zebra plant in a place with sufficient light and ventilation, but avoid sun exposure in summer.
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