How Much Light Does Zebra Plant Need

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How Much Light Does Zebra Plant Need
Zebra plant likes indirect light, and it is not resistant to exposure, so it will grow well in the environment of the partial shade. Some friends can make zebra plant fat even without light, but zebra plant often lacks light and will grow only leaves. The leaves will become slender and thin, and the color is particularly light. If placed in the mottled shade, zebra plant grows particularly thick and symmetrical.

Does Zebra Plant Need The Sunlight

How Much Light Does Zebra Plant Need
Zebra plant needs sunshine. The Zebra plants likes light and cannot lack light during its growth. In the environment with appropriate light, zebra plant grows vigorously and in good condition. If it is kept in a place with insufficient shade and light for a long time, zebra plant will grow in vain, its leaves will be weak and yellow, and its growth will become worse. However, zebra plant does not like to be exposed to the sun. In summer, strong light exposure will cause leaves to be burned and affect the ornamental. It can be kept in a place with good light during normal growth period. It can be illuminated all day in winter and sunscreen in summer. Note that the newly planted zebra plant seedlings should not see more light.

What Impact Will Too Strong Light Have on Zebra Plant

If the light is too strong, the leaves of zebra plant will gradually turn red and lose water, the leaves will wilt, the leaves will be curly, dry and sharp, and thin. So try not to expose zebra plant in the family. Sunbathing is more conducive to zebra plant's growth and better condition. It also has certain shade resistance, but it is not resistant to strong light exposure. Therefore, the strong light in summer should be blocked in time, otherwise the leaves are easy to be sunburned. The light in spring, autumn and winter is relatively soft and can be placed in the light. (Read more about How Much Light Does Zebra Plant Need.)

Light Demand of Zebra Plant in Different Periods

  • 10 ~ 18 ℃ germination period: Zebra plant does not need much light, so it should be placed indoors where there is scattered light for maintenance. The root is suitable for closed cultivation within the appropriate temperature range to create an environment with high air humidity, but it can not be closed cultivation when the air humidity in the south is high.
  • 18 ~ 28 ℃ growth peak period: Zebra plant needs long light during its growth period. No matter what season, when the skin is slightly hot due to the light, it can be shaded with a 3-needle shading net.
  • Dormancy period at <10 C or >33 C: Zebra Plant shading and ventilating at high temperature in summer, spraying air around plants to increase air humidity. In winter, water should be strictly controlled and more light should be given. We should also pay attention to giving the plants better dry than wet.
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