How To Save My Drooping Zebra Plant

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How To Save My Drooping Zebra Plant
Leaf Drooping of zebra plant generally has a great relationship with maintenance. Watering zebra plant too much or too short of water will cause leaf drooping. If the flowerpot and soil are airtight, the roots of zebra plant will rot if they can't breathe, and the leaves may fall off. We need to replace zebra plant with basin soil with good air permeability. If the fallen leaves are not willing to throw away, you can try cutting, but the survival rate is generally not high.

Improper Fertilization

Zebra plant may droop its leaves due to improper fertilization. If the fertilizer is thick or heavy, it is easy to burn roots, bring fertilizer damage, and the leaves of Zebra Plants are easy to turn yellow and wither. We need to remove pots and roots for zebra plant and replace soil to avoid deterioration and death. There may be more watering and retting roots. In this case, more ventilation and more loose soil should be used to evaporate the water. In the later stage, the number of times in the water should be reduced. If it is not dry, it can not be watered to avoid damaging the plant. (Read more about The Best Soil For Zebra Plant.)
How To Save My Drooping Zebra Plant

Improper Watering

Zebra plants are very sensitive to water content. Too much water will lead to plant root rot, and too little water will lead to plant water shortage. No matter which of the above reasons, it will lead to plant leaf drooping. Zebra plant has certain drought tolerance, but it doesn't like drought, so the amount of watering should be adjusted according to its state. If the weather is too hot, we should water the roots of zebra plant more. We should water thoroughly at one time, and spray water on the leaves of zebra plant. If the weather is not too hot, we can water a small amount.

Inappropriate Basin

Many families like to use plastic pots when planting zebra plant. In fact, this is wrong. Zebra plant's roots require the air permeability of flower pots. The air tightness of plastic pots will affect zebra plant's root health, so zebra plant will droop its leaves. We can replace the plants with new pots, preferably ceramic pots.

Soil Impermeability

Zebra plant is suitable for growing in the soil with good air permeability and not easy to agglomerate. If the growing soil does not meet the above requirements, plant development will be affected and zebra plant will lose its leaves. We can mix sand and clay with good air permeability in a certain proportion before planting zebra plant.
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