What Is The Best Soil For Zebra Plant

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

What Is The Best Soil For Zebra Plant
Zebra plant is easy to plant and has no strict requirements on soil. It can grow in many soil, but we should keep soil moist but not soggy. We'd better take the fertile and loose sandy loam as the best, which can have the effect of permeability and avoid ponding and rotten roots. When preparing zebra plant soil, we can prepare it with rotten leaf soil, coarse sand and garden soil. After preparation, it can not be used immediately. It needs to be disinfected first to kill bacteria and insect eggs in the soil.
Although zebra plants (Aphelandra Squarrosa) does not have high requirements for soil, it will not grow well in clay and alkaline soil. Therefore, we can use rotten leaf soil, coarse sand and sandy loam to make cultivation matrix. If you are a novice breeder, you can buy special meat breeding soil on the market for cultivation.
What Is The Best Soil For Zebra Plant
During the peak growth period, we must ensure that the humidity in zebra plant basin soil is sufficient to meet the normal growth needs of plants. The climate is extreme in winter and summer. Generally, we should ensure that the basin soil is dry and watered thoroughly. Fertilization is mainly small, because zebra plant does not like fertilizer very much. We usually add 1 ~ 2 times of thin fertilizer solution in spring. (Read more about How To Water Zebra Plant.)
During the maintenance of zebra plant, it is very important to ensure high-quality ventilation conditions. With good ventilation performance, zebra plant can effectively avoid the invasion of bacteria and pests. At the same time, under the high temperature weather in summer, the temperature range is moderate and stable, and there is rarely too large daily temperature difference.
Since the soil quality has a great impact on the growth of zebra plant, we'd better replace the soil matrix of zebra plant once a year. While changing pots, you can also trim the roots to remove the old and rotten roots.
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