New Guinea impatiens: how to grow and care for New Guinea impatiens

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

New Guinea impatiens: how to grow and care for New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens belong to perennial herbaceous ornamental flowers, which are originally produced in tropical mountains of Africa and are also called colorful impatiens. New Guinea impatiens flower pattern and color are extremely rich, including magenta, snow blue, white, purple, orange, etc. If the temperature is suitable, it can flower for a long year. Today we will introduce how to grow and care for New Guinea impatiens flowers.

1. Temperature and light care for growing New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens prefer warmth and sufficient illumination, and can not withstand cold, avoiding scorching sun exposure. When we grow and care for New Guinea impatiens, the appropriate temperature for growth is around 20 ° C, flowers will shrink if the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, and the relative humidity must be improved if the temperature exceeds 30 ° C to make the plants grow continuously. When the temperature is relatively low, the plant growth stops, and the temperature drops below 7℃, it will be damaged by freezing.

2. Soil and moisture care for growing New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens like humidity and avoids drought, avoiding waterlogging. Lack of water is easy to cause the phenomenon of falling leaves. New Guinea impatiens have strong adaptability to the soil, pH value should be controlled between 5.5 and 6.5. When we grow and care for New Guinea impatiens, it is advisable to use leaf rot soil, vegetable garden soil, sand, according to 5∶3∶2 mixed into loose, fertile and good permeability sandy culture soil. The basin should not be too large. Basin soil to see dry wet, see dry that is poured, poured to the bottom of the basin water that is checked, waterlogging will rot roots, dry branches and leaves will wither. The most important part of home maintenance is to maintain a certain air humidity, often appropriate to the plant water.

3. Fertilizer care for growing New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens had a long flowering period, so it needed a lot of nutrients at normal times, so it could apply some nitrogen fertilizer appropriately in the seedling stage. When we grow and care for New Guinea impatiens during the growing period, flowering 10 days to 15 days should be applied once N, P and K compound fertilizer, avoid single application of nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise the leaves will spend less, fertilization if not careful to stick fertilizer on the leaves, to wash off in time.

4. Pruning care for growing New Guinea Impatiens

Keep New Guinea Impatiens vigorous by pinching off old flowers after they finish blooming with your fingers. And clean away all plant material from the soil. New Guinea impatiens shed their flowers naturally, but this can be messy. Pinching and cleaning help maintain the plant's appearance and prevents fungal infections and disease. Trim overgrown and leggy plants to keep a compact, bushy shape. When cutting, trim the stems back to a leaf node and supply adequate water and fertilizer to ensure the plant recovers.

New Guinea Impatiens

5. New Guinea Impatiens pest control

New Guinea Impatiens grew strongly and showed strong resistance to diseases and insects. So far, large epidemic diseases and insect pests have not been found, but occasionally stem rot occurred during cutting, so regular spraying of microbicides can play a preventive role. Strengthen ventilation management, can reduce aphids and red spider harm, once found, immediately use an insecticide to kill.

6. New Guinea Impatiens propagation methods

New Guinea Impatiens showed strong germination power, and it was easy to root cutting. The branches were broken off from the root, 1-2 round leaves were cut off at the base of the branches, and put into the clear water for 15-30 minutes to make the branches absorb enough water. Then, the cutting matrix could be inserted with plain sand or vermiculite, and New roots could be produced in 5-6 days.

7. New Guinea Impatiens varieties

It's hard to recommend varieties for annuals that are constantly being hybridized. You never know if this year's introduction will be available again next year or if there will be an even better, improved version of it.

However, if you would like to grow your New Guinea impatiens from seed, the Divine Series is readily available in single colors or mixes and it comes in shades of white, pink, lavender, orange, and red. Tango, another variety available in seed form, offers dramatic fluorescent orange flowers.

New Guinea Impatiens