How To Repot Maidenhair Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 23 2021

How To Repot Maidenhair Fern?
Maidenhair fern is a small evergreen plant with petite and lovely leaves. Nowadays, many people like to raise some of it at home, which can not only be used for viewing, but also for purifying the air. However, if we want to maintain maidenhair fern well, we'd better do a good job in repotting management, So how do we repotting maidenhair fern?

How to Repot Maidenhair Fern?

We know that for potted plants, the nutrients of pot soil are very limited. Therefore, in the process of maintaining maidenhair fern, we must change the pot for the plants. What should we do?
Before giving maidenhair fern repotting, we should first gently tap the edge of the flowerpot with our hand or wooden stick, so as to soften the soil near the basin wall, then hold the root of the flower with one hand, hold the soil, turn the flowerpot upside down, and the other hand can rotate to remove the flowerpot. Then gently shake off the plant to the soil, and trim off some rotten roots, but do not hurt the main root. At this time, the root situation can be seen at a glance, and the side roots with poor growth can be cut off.
Then we select some fertile, loose and breathable soil for the plant, mix in some base fertilizer, then plant it in maidenhair fern, fill it with soil and compact the surrounding of the plant. Then apply certain fertilizer and try not to press hard to ensure the air permeability and drainage of the soil. After loading the soil, we should pour water once, and then place the plants in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance. The plant can grow normally after being placed in a cool environment for a few days.
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How To Repot Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair fern Repotting Time

Maidenhair fern grows fast, so it is necessary to change the pots every year. Generally, the pots are changed when the climate is dry in spring.
At this time, rotten and withered branches and leaves can be mixed with a small amount of carbon ash. Maidenhair fern should be fully irrigated and its leaves sprayed with water mist during its growth. Pot soil should ensure the humidity required for normal growth. Too wet or too dry is easy to change the color of leaves.
Apply liquid fertilizer to maidenhair fern every two weeks. When applying fertilizer, the fertilizer shall not stain the leaf surface as much as possible. In summer, avoid the strong irradiation of the hot sun, so that the plants can look more beautiful.

Precautions for Maidenhair Fern Repotting

1. When we repotting maidenhair fern, it's better to bring more old soil to the root of the plant and avoid bare root. In this way, the plant is easier to survive after we change the pot.
2. When we first bought the plant, it is usually a very simple soft plastic basin. At this time, we'd better cut the edge of the basin and then plant it. The purpose of this is to avoid damaging the root system of the plant.
3. If we are changing pots for plants, it is better not to do it continuously in a short time. Generally speaking, the best maidenhair fern repotting time is better when it is separated by one year or two years.