What Is The Best Soil For Maidenhair Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 23 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Maidenhair Fern?
Maidenhair Fern loves moist but well-draining potting soil. We need slight acidity to maintain maidenhair fern (pH value between 5.0 and 6.0), breathable and loose humus soil, and avoid using sandy soil with good drainage. We can add more peat soil to the soil, which can well increase the acidity and water retention of maidenhair fern soil. Maidenhair fern's requirements for soil are breathable and loose and high water retention, and peat soil is the best choice.
Maidenhair fern's soil needs to have good water retention capacity, but we can't let maidenhair fern's soil accumulate water. We can properly lay gravel, broken tiles or cinders on the basin bottom to help air permeability and increase drainage. The soil can be mixed with peat soil, compost soil and rotten leaf soil, and some media such as small gravel and ceramsite can be laid on the soil surface to increase water retention.
What Is The Best Soil For Maidenhair Fern
Our maintenance of maidenhair fern is to keep the basin soil moist and maintain high environmental humidity. When the environmental humidity is particularly high, we can reduce the frequency of watering. When the air is dry, maidenhair fern should be watered every day and sprayed directly on the leaves. The soil shall be kept moist, but the maidenhair fern basin soil shall not accumulate water, otherwise it is easy to rot roots and leaves. The best way to water is to use rainwater or tap water after 3 days. Avoid watering directly with tap water, which is easy to make the soil alkaline and cause yellow leaves.
Don't water when the light is strong, otherwise maidenhair fern's leaves are easy to burn. Under the extreme drought of the basin soil, you can put the potted maidenhair fern directly into the water basin. The water basin is filled with water and let the water seep in directly from the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin. After maidenhair fern's soil is completely wet, remove the flower pot from the water basin and place it in a ventilated and shaded place for maintenance, The accumulated water on the tray shall be poured out in time.
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