How To Save My Maidenhair Fern Brown Leaves?

Written by Ivy

Dec 23 2021

How To Save My Maidenhair Fern Brown Leaves?
Maidenhair fern's leaves are overlapped, small, green and dense. It grows better in a dark environment, so it is very suitable for raising in a place where the sun is not so abundant. Its plant type is small and lovely. Its leaves are like an open folding fan, and its petiole is purple black, thin and hard.
The leaves of maidenhair fern under indoor maintenance gradually change from green to brown, which is usually caused by three reasons: too much sunshine leads to brown leaves maidenhair fern, which needs to be moved to the semi shade in time to cut off the sunburned leaves and branches; Indoor air humidity is too low, resulting in Brown Leaves Maidenhair Fern. We need to spray the water around in time and cut off the dry and yellowish branches and leaves.

Wrong Placement

Maidenhair fern is a tropical foliage plant. It likes scattered light in the morning or evening. If it is exposed to direct light or sunlight, it will lead to brown leaves maidenhair fern. Maidenhair fern is also suitable to be raised in the shade of semi shade trees, or in a cool environment indoors or in the yard. It is best to have appropriate scattered light or light irradiation. If it's by the window, it's better to use the window sill facing south or west, and turn the basin regularly. Don't just let one side receive the light. Turn it about 30 degrees in five days, and turn it regularly to reduce brown leaves.
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Unsuitable Temperature and Humidity

Maidenhair fern's plant type is usually very small. When the branches and leaves grow longer, they will hang in the air. The perennial green and hairy leaves are very suitable to be raised indoors. They don't look very conspicuous. For some drought resistant plants, maidenhair fern needs appropriate care to grow well, and watering and spraying must be combined. The key to the maintenance of maidenhair fern is to maintain a high environmental humidity, a ventilated environment and the basin soil in a semi dry and semi wet state. If these three points are achieved, maidenhair fern will basically not have brown leaves or rotten roots.
The temperature and humidity of maidenhair fern are very important for maintenance. The maintenance temperature is generally kept between 18 ~ 25 degrees. Cold resistant varieties can be selected in cold areas. The environmental humidity of curing Maidenhair Fern needs to be kept at about 60%. When the air is dry, spray water should be sprayed regularly to maintain a higher environmental humidity to reduce Brown Leaves.
How To Save My Maidenhair Fern Brown Leaves

Inappropriate Soil

Planting maidenhair fern requires slightly acidic soil with good ventilation, looseness and moisture, (pH value is between 5.0 and 6.0). If brown leaves maidenhair fern appears, it may be related to the soil quality. We generally choose the soil with a little viscosity, but we should also add fine sand appropriately to increase the drainage. Other media are composted soil and peat soil to ensure the slight acidity and water retention of the soil. Do not plant maidenhair fern too deeply, and there must be drainage at the basin bottom The hole shall be padded with broken tiles to prevent ponding, and the soil surface shall be properly paved with granular soil or gravel to maintain moisture.
If we find that maidenhair fern's roots grow out of the soil, we need to change the pots. When changing the pots, we should properly clean the roots at the bottom, trim the roots properly, and grow better after recovery.
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Overwatering or Underwatering

The maintenance of maidenhair fern is to spray water frequently to maintain the environmental humidity. Watering can't make the soil always wet. Keep the basin soil semi dry and semi wet. The best water for maidenhair fern is rainwater, well water or tap water after 3 days.
If we find that the whole Brown Leaves Maidenhair Fern is wilting, we must replenish the roots in time. It is usually long time not to water. This time, we can immerse the entire pot in water, soak it for 10 minutes, then put it in the place where the wind is shaded. The leaves are sprayed with water properly. The pallet has accumulated water and it will drain away in time. Brown leaves maidenhair fern will be healthy again.

Other Precautions

Do not apply fertilizer frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause fertilizer injury. Generally, brown leaves maidenhair fern can only be thinned with liquid fertilizer for 1 ~ 2 times in 3 ~ 8. In addition, it is easy to cause fertilizer injury if it is poured on the leaf surface. In addition, pay attention to dilute the concentration, and ensure that the soil is slightly moist before fertilization.
In addition, if we find brown leaves maidenhair fern, we should cut it off in time and clean out the basin to avoid decay or nutrient consumption. Pay attention to cold prevention and humidity in winter to avoid dry air. Avoid soil ponding and maintain proper ventilation.