How To Propagate Maidenhair Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 23 2021

How To Propagate Maidenhair Fern?
Maidenhair fern is a very fresh fern, which is particularly harmonious and natural with modern home. Maidenhair fern's propagation methods include division propagation and spore propagation. If you want to raise maidenhair fern indoors, you know how to do well, improve the environment, give appropriate basin soil, add some scattered light every day in a high humidity and warm environment, and maidenhair fern can certainly be cared.

Propagateing Maidenhair Fern From Division

1. Many people don't know how to propagate maidenhair fern. In fact, it is usually propagated by dividing plants. Maidenhair fern can be removed from the pot in spring and cut with a sharp knife. Each copy should have more roots and leaves, and then transplanted into a new pot soil. Maidenhair fern ramets do not have high time requirements. As long as the temperature is appropriate, they can reproduce in ramets all year round. It is best to choose the ramets when changing pots in mild spring. At this time, the temperature is appropriate, which can be conducive to survival and growth after ramet planting.
2. Before separate planting, prepare appropriate basin soil. Flowerpot choose a breathable flowerpot of moderate size and put it into loose and breathable fertile soil.
3. Move maidenhair fern to an open position, loosen the soil first, take the plant out of the flower pot, and remove the old and yellow leaves on maidenhair fern. Prepare a sharp knife and use the knife to divide the maidenhair fern plant into several small plants. Each cluster has roots and leaves, which can increase the probability of survival.
4. Level the soil, plant maidenhair fern plants into the soil, compress the soil at the root, pour enough water into the soil, put it in a cool place and keep well ventilated.
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How To Propagate Maidenhair Fern

Propagating Maidenhair Fern From Spores

1. When maidenhair fern's leaves grow strong enough, spores will grow on the back of the leaves, which are brownish gray. When magnified, there are small dots, that is spores. We should first prepare the flowerpot. The soil can be mixed with peat soil and fine sand. The prepared soil can be sterilized and loaded into the flowerpot.
2. Maidenhair fern can also reproduce with spores, which is equivalent to sowing and propagation of other plants. maidenhair fern spores are small brown dots at the bottom of leaves. If the spores are mature and touched slightly, the spores will become fine dust and fall.
Spore propagation is to reproduce with the help of leaves with spores. The leaves can be covered in bags. After maturity, the leaves with spores can be picked and put into the bags.
3. You can cut off the mature leaves of these spores to prevent them from drying on the paper towel. After drying, the spores will fall on the paper towel. Then, sprinkle the spores on the paper towel on the soil surface, sprinkle a layer of fine sand or vermiculite on the soil surface, spray water to wet it, then cover it with transparent film and keep it in the semi shade. The temperature is between 22 ~ 25 degrees. Generally, it can take 3 ~ 4 weeks to take root and sprout. We should sow the leaves in the soil, replenish the water by soaking in pots, keep the sun for 4 hours every day, and germinate and grow in about 15-30 days.

Maintain Maidenhair Fern's Environment

Maidenhair fern likes to grow in wet places. In addition to keeping warm and proper light, the maintenance position should also pay attention to regular watering and humidity to avoid keeping it in dry places. The biggest problem of keeping maidenhair fern indoors is humidity.
Maidenhair fern likes the sun in the morning and evening. It should be properly shaded at noon and afternoon. If it is exposed to too much sun, its leaves will soon turn brown.
If you keep maidenhair fern outdoors, you can keep maidenhair fern under the shade of trees. With the shelter of trees, maidenhair fern also grows well. It can grow well only if you give appropriate scattered light every day. Otherwise, its growth will be very weak and its leaves will continue to turn yellow.
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How to Restore Growth After Repotting Maidenhair Fern?

When we maintain maidenhair fern, if we find that its lateral branches grow too much, we can properly carry out ramet propagation for maidenhair fern. If the indoor temperature can be maintained at more than 20 degrees, we can carry out ramet propagation all year round, break its lateral buds and roots, cut them with a knife, and then cut off some older leaves, Keep some young leaves and stems, so as to ensure that they can resume growth after Maidenhair Fern repotting.
Maidenhair fern for pot cultivation suggests planting with some granular soil, such as common ceramsite, rainbow stone, vermiculite and sand. Some small pebbles can be used to ensure that these soils are breathable and loose. Basically, there is no need to add soil such as rotten leaf soil or peat soil.
Planting with pure granular soil, but there is a problem with planting maidenhair fern with this soil, that is, the soil dries very fast, but the air permeability is very good, which is very beneficial to the root growth of maidenhair fern.
To conserve maidenhair fern in this way is to prepare a supporting basin or shallow basin, fill the shallow basin with appropriate clean water, and place the potted maidenhair fern on the basin. The shallow basin should always maintain water, so that these granular stones can continuously absorb water and keep the soil slightly moist, But maidenhair fern's roots will not be exposed to clean water.
The flowerpot for planting maidenhair fern is that we can use some coarse pottery pots, tile pots or red pottery pots. These flowerpots with excellent air permeability and drainage are very suitable for caring for maidenhair fern. This kind of maidenhair fern flowerpot does not need to be too large.
It has just been mentioned that we plant maidenhair fern with some granular stones, which will not be mixed with any soil. Even if such granular stones are kept wet all the time, it will not cause maidenhair fern to rot. however, if maidenhair fern is planted with soil such as garden soil, rotten leaf soil or peat soil, if the soil is slightly wet, maidenhair fern will rot.