How Much Light Does Maidenhair Fern Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 23 2021

How Much Light Does Maidenhair Fern Need?
Maidenhair fern is a shade loving plant, bright indirect light is best for maidenhair fern plant. We can't put maidenhair fern in a place where the sun shines directly, otherwise it is particularly easy for the leaves to wither. It's best to water maidenhair fern three times a day in spring, summer and autumn, and once a day in winter. Remember to spray water around Adiantum from time to time to keep it moist, so as to grow better.
How Much Light Does Maidenhair Fern Need
Maidenhair fern is a shade plant. If it is directly exposed to strong light, it is easy to cause scorched leaf edges and yellow leaves. When cultivating maidenhair fern outdoors, we should pay attention to shade, but we also need to provide enough sunlight. Indoors, it is best to put the maidenhair fern flower pot on the east or North windowsill of the room for maintenance.
If Maidenhair fern leaves dry,we should pay attention to the light problem of maidenhair fern. Maidenhair fern likes semi shady and cool environment and avoids direct sunlight. Too much and strong light causes rapid evaporation of water in maidenhair fern leaves, resulting in dry maidenhair fern leaves. Generally, maidenhair fern plants are suitable to be placed in places where the indoor sun cannot shine (shady places), but appropriate sunshine should be maintained for growth in the growing season, and sufficient astigmatism is the most suitable.