How To Prune a Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

May 09 2022

How To Prune a Jade Plant?
It's easy to prune a beautiful jade plant! Besides maintenance, pruning jade plant is very important. After a long time, it is mainly pruning and controlling the shape. Only by making it into a beautiful shape can it have higher value. If we don't know how to prune jade plant at ordinary times, many plant types will be scattered and there will be branches and leaves everywhere.

When to Prune a Jade Plant?

When jade plant has not entered the rapid growth period in early spring, it can be trimmed to stimulate the sprouting of new buds and leaves and make it grow rapidly. Jade plant pruning in early spring is suitable for areas without heating in winter. After a winter's dormancy and pruning when the temperature gradually rises, the new buds germinate quickly and grow neatly, which is very helpful to shaping the plant type. If there is heating at home and there is no pruning in late autumn, you can also prune when the heating stops and the temperature has not increased significantly. Therefore, early spring is the most suitable season for trimming jade plant.

How To Prune a Jade Plant?


The simplest common overgrowth jade plant pruning is to keep a trunk at the bottom, just like a tree, and keep a crown at the top, and then make its plant type expand and expand, just like small trees. The trunk is very full and thick. In this way, the whole looks like a thick tree, a little like jade plant facing the wind. Moreover, this pruning method is very simple and convenient. As long as you are willing to break off the small lateral buds and small lateral branches at the bottom and keep a crown, and the branches of the crown should not be kept too long, otherwise it is easy to fall head heavy and foot light.
When pruning jade plant, we must pay attention to the pot soil, do not use too light pot soil, and try to configure the flower pots more heavily, such as purple sand pots, pottery pots and so on. Because the crown of jade plant is relatively large, if the flower pot is relatively small and light, and the pot soil is particularly loose and breathable, the jade plant is easy to stagger and look different. When we prune jade plant, we can keep a trunk of 10 to 20 cm under it. All the branches and buds below are rolled down by it. If the trunk is not too upright, you can also insert a few chopsticks to fix it, and then trim the redundant side branches on it, so as to maintain a relatively round plant shape as far as possible. The straighter the trunk is, the better, so that jade plant can easily grow into a tree.
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Weak, Leggy Branches

If your weak and leggy jade plant grows a relatively large branch from the bottom and is reluctant to trim it, you can also make it into a double wood shape, just like the forest in the forest. If you are reluctant to trim it, just keep it. Trim the branches at the bottom and keep the trunk of about 10 to 20 cm. Let the branches above it, the inward branches in the middle and the excessively long branches be trimmed. In this way, it is easy to form a double wood shape, which is also more beautiful.

Distressed Plant

Many friends with jade plant propagating and pruning techniques like to make jade plants into bonsai one by one and keep them in beautiful bonsai and flowerpots. The jade plants above are vigorous, simple, elegant and stylish. This is the ones with relatively high technology. They should also be suitable for appropriate traction and stretching. Because the branches of jade plant grow faster and are very brittle, and the leaves have full moisture, we must not use too much force when modeling jade plant. It is difficult to stretch and easy to break.
According to the unique shape of jade plant, we can shape it at will, or we can shape it from an early age and make it into cliff pile and trunk. The shaped jade plant is surrounded by iron wire and tied in a fixed posture to let it grow along. In this way, the trimmed jade plant is more stylish, as exquisite and beautiful as bonsai, and is also deeply loved by bonsai lovers. Of course, jade plant is so cheap and fertile that it can easily grow into an old pile, so its bonsai is everywhere. However, if you keep jade plant at home, you can make the shape of bonsai. If you keep it for more than ten years or even decades, the better the shape, the higher the value.

Regular Pruning

Of course, many people don't know how to prune jade plant regularly, and sometimes they are reluctant to trim the branches at the bottom. The branches and trunks of jade plant also grow at will. If your jade plant has been in shape for too long and has been waving its teeth and claws for too long, the branches and trunks can be trimmed at will according to its original appearance, as long as its crown is not too large and crooked. As long as the trunk at the bottom of jade plant is cleaned to avoid bacterial infection, rotten leaves and mildew rot, It's OK to clean up the rotten roots. You can look good on your own.
In fact, jade plants are relatively long-lived. They can live for decades or even hundreds of years. In the north, they can only be used as potted trees. However, in some areas of the south, jade plants can be planted in the ground. The temperature in winter will not be lower than zero. They can grow in the open air outdoors, and even grow into trees for hundreds of years. They can bloom every year. This kind of jade plant is more spectacular.