How Much Light Does Jade Plant Need?

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Apr 25 2022

How Much Light Does Jade Plant Need?
How much light does Jade plant need? Jade Plant needs at least 4 hours bright light per day. Jade plant leaves are green, plump and shiny. Jade plant, which has been maintained for many years, can also produce small white flowers with a slight fragrance. It is a highly ornamental flower plant. Jade plant likes to grow in a warm, dry and sunny environment. In summer, it is afraid of strong light and direct sunshine, and is slightly resistant to shade and cold. In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 7 ℃, otherwise it is easy to be frostbitten.

The stem of Jade plant is crisp and thin, so it is not suitable to grow under the direct condition of strong light. It grows best under the condition of bright scattered light. Therefore, we should take different management measures for jade plant according to the intensity of light in different seasons. In summer, the light is strong. During outdoor cultivation, 50% of the light must be covered. Indoor cultivation can be placed far away from the window. When we cultivate jade plant in winter, we can put it in a place with good indoor daylighting effect under the outdoor full light environment.

Spring and Autumn Lignt Demand of Jade Plant

Spring and autumn are the suitable growth periods of jade plant. During this period, there should be enough sunlight, and the suitable growth temperature is 20-30 ℃. Adequate light is also a key factor in the flowering of jade plant.
We can propagate Jade plant in spring and it grows much faster than in winter. If it is still placed indoors at this time, or in places with poor ventilation and insufficient light, it can also grow, but the branches and leaves will be very sparse, the color of the leaves will be dim and dull, and the sense of green color and luster will be lost. The branches will become longer and easy to grow in vain. The plant type is not good-looking, and there will be few leaves.
Therefore, when the temperature increases a little in spring, we must give jade plant more sunshine, especially in early spring. However, we should pay attention to the temperature. The temperature is too low. We should not move out too early to avoid large changes in the temperature difference between day and night and frostbite it at low temperature at night. We should pay due attention to keeping warm. With the increase of temperature in spring and the rise of temperature, the light becomes more intense, and gradually start shading and sunscreen. It can be raised in a place with warm astigmatism, and jade plant can continue to grow in good condition.

Summer Light Demand of Jade Plant

Although sufficient light is needed for the growth of jade plant, it is also necessary to pay attention to shade in high temperature in summer to avoid sun exposure, otherwise it is easy to sunburn fleshy leaves, or cause leaves to fall off or even die. In the hot summer, if it is directly exposed to the sun, it will cause birthday burns, cause the leaves to shrink, wither and yellow, and even dry the edges of the leaves, with sunburn marks in the middle of the leaves, which will become unsightly and ugly.
Therefore, in summer, it can be placed in a ventilated and cool place, or under the shade of trees, or in a ventilated place on the inner side of the balcony to block at least 50% of the light. In this way, it is still in good condition in summer, with oily green leaves and full of vitality.

Winter Lighting Demand of Jade Plant

After entering winter, the temperature gradually began to drop. We should transfer jade plant potted plants to the sunny place indoors and control the room temperature at about 7-10 ℃. If the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, it will suffer from freezing injury. Although jade plant is more shade tolerant, ensuring sufficient sunlight is a very important measure for jade plant to bloom. If potted plants are placed in a shady environment for a long time, it can only cause the branches and leaves of jade plant to grow in vain. Without sunlight, photosynthesis can not be carried out well, which will have a direct impact on growth and development. Even if there is sufficient fertilizer and water, they can not bloom on time. Jade plant needs a lot of light, so if you want jade plant to blossom, you must supply it with enough light in its development process. In spring and autumn, jade plant can take full-time photos; In summer, the temperature is high, and the plant enters the semi-dormant period. In order to prevent the leaves from being burned and show the scene of jade plant's soft leaves, everyone should shade in time; In winter, keep the indoor temperature above 7 ℃ and put it in a place with good light.
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Jade plant is a light loving plant, which is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient light. In the process of maintenance, it can provide jade plant flowers with all day sunshine, so that the plant can store enough nutrition for leaf growth. However, jade plant cannot grow in strong light environment. When the light is too strong, it needs to shade jade plant to avoid strong light burning the leaves.