How To Get Jade Plant In Bloom?

Written by Ivy

May 09 2022

How To Get Jade Plant In Bloom?
If you want to make your Jade Plant in bloom, you should take care of it in a native growing conditions. But we should pay more attention to the following factors.
Jade plant has vigorous and simple branches, thick and green leaves, and is full of trees and flowers when flowering, which is very ornamental. Jade plant is a kind of succulent plant with special skin and easy to plant, so it is very popular.
However, jade plant is not easy to blossom. Some people have even formed an old pile for more than ten years, but they don't see it bloom. Why is jade plant so difficult to blossom? Jade plant is native to Africa. It is easy to blossom in the country of origin. Only because the climate environment can not meet the requirements of its flowering, sometimes it is difficult to blossom even though it is well taken care of. If we do reasonable water, fertilizer and light according to its growth habits during maintenance, jade plant has a great chance of flowering.

Reach Enough Age

If we want jade plant to blossom, we also need to meet the requirements of plant age. Generally, it takes 5 ~ 6 years of plant age, and then meet other conditions to blossom normally. If we only propagate jade plant for 2-3 years, it will be more difficult to blossom. We should first propagate the jade plant rough and strong, and frequently trim the disordered branches to keep the plant in a better tree shape, so that the flowering period can be more ornamental.

Soil Requirements

Jade plant is relatively resistant to barrenness and does not have strict requirements for soil. However, in order to make it grow more vigorously, it also tries to provide it with loose and breathable sandy loam. It can use rotten leaf soil plus river sand or garden soil to prepare flower soil. If garden soil is used only, its viscosity is too large and its permeability is poor, which is not conducive to root growth, and it is easy to produce ponding and rotten roots. When we change pots for jade plant, we'd better add some rotten bean cakes into it. If there is bone meal at home, add a small amount of bone meal into the culture soil, which is more conducive to jade plant to form flower buds and bloom during flowering.

Watering Frequency

Jade plant is native to very arid areas and has strong drought resistance. The more severe the conditions are, the more tenacious the plant vitality is. It needs to blossom to reproduce the next generation. If the water is too sufficient, it will promote it to grow branches and leaves instead of flowering.
Therefore, we don't need to water jade plant too often when maintaining it. If we want it to grow thick and strong as soon as possible, we can maintain sufficient water and fertilizer, so that jade plant can grow into strong old piles as soon as possible, and the basin soil can be maintained in a dry state in the later stage, which can better promote plant differentiation and flower bud flowering.

Rational Fertilization

Any flower needs different nutrients in different growth periods. Although jade plant is difficult to bloom, it needs to be maintained in this way to increase the probability of flowering. For example, during the vegetative growth period, more nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to jade plant to make the plant grow strong and luxuriant.
Jade plant is a Crassulaceae plant that differentiates flower buds and breeds flower buds in autumn. Maintaining jade plant can also supplement it with more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during this period. We can apply rare phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to jade plant every half a month. Maintaining sufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can promote plant differentiation, flower buds, pregnancy and flowering.
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Sufficient Light

Jade plant is a plant that likes sunshine very much. If we want it to grow healthily and increase the probability of flowering, we must provide jade plant with sufficient light. If the light is insufficient, the plant will grow in vain, the branches will grow thin and long, the leaves are thin and thin, and we won't bloom.
Therefore, in addition to the strong sunlight in summer, we should pay attention to shading jade plant. In other seasons, we can put potted plants in a sunny place for maintenance, and maintain more than 4 ~ 6 light hours every day, which can make jade plant grow more vigorously and blossom more easily.
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Prune Branches

In spring and autumn, we can trim the branches of jade plant every three months and cut off some redundant branches to promote the beautiful plant shape. Moving the position of the flowerpot in about half a month can promote uniform illumination. Therefore, the usual maintenance is very important. Watering, fertilization, lighting, ventilation and pruning can ensure that the plants are luxuriant and the flowers bloom.
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