How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Dec 09 2022

How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom?
Burros tail blooming is a quite rare thing. Generally, it takes 2-3 years for Burros Tail to have flowering signs. If the lack of light leads to the growth of burros tail plants, it may take longer. Burros tail does not have a fixed flowering period, as long as the temperature is appropriate, so burros tail may bloom before summer, which is not conducive to growth, but also consumes nutrients. Therefore, we must pay attention to controlling the temperature of burros tail.

How to Make Burro's Tail Bloom?

How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom
  • Soil

We should choose loose and breathable soil for burro's tail, which is similar to other succulent plants.
  • Light and Temperature
Burro's tail likes a sunny and well ventilated environment. We should place it in a sunny place with proper shade in summer. Burro's tail is also resistant to semi shade and can grow normally in a place with astigmatism. When the plant is in a sunny environment, the plant is compact and highly ornamental. It is easy to grow in astigmatism for a long time, and the ornamental effect will be slightly worse. The growth is better when the temperature is between 15 ~ 30 ℃. If the temperature is too low or too high, the growth will slow or stop. Especially in winter, we should do a good job to prevent cold and avoid frostbite. 
How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom
  • Watering
Burro's tail is drought tolerant, but not waterlogging tolerant. We should properly control the watering of burro's tail, see dry and see wet, and it is best to keep the basin soil slightly dry every day. During the dormancy period of burro's tail, we should appropriately reduce watering. Watering should be directly poured on the basin soil, and try to avoid pouring water on the blades of burro's tail.
How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom

Does Burro's Tail Need to be Cut Off After Flowering?

Burros tail blooms, which shows that we are well maintained and managed, but burros tail blooms have both advantages and disadvantages. Burros tail flowers will rob nutrients from fleshy people, so it will have an impact on burros tail. Burros tail flowers have certain ornamental value, but we should not keep burros tail flowers. After the flowers fail, we should cut them off immediately, So as not to lose nutrients.
How Do I Make My Burros Tail Bloom

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Final Words

Although Burro's Tail rarely blooms indoors, in the summer, tiny pink or red flowers may appear at the tips of its stems. Spring through fall should be the growing season for Burro's Tail plants. Burro's Tail blooming will be aided by strong sunlight in the summer and a cool environment in the winter.