How to care for carrion-flower

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

How to care for carrion-flower

Succulents are relatively easy to burst the pot, which means that succulents are very easy to feed. The Carrion-flower is a very easy to grow plant, ornamental value is also very high. How to care for Carrion-flower? Let's look down together.

Carrion-flower care for leaves wrinkled

The leaves of the carrion-flower are wrinkled because they have been burned by too much light and lost a lot of water. It could also be because the air is less mobile and contains higher levels of carbon dioxide gas, which impedes plant respiration and photosynthesis. Also may be too much fertilization, resulting in the plant root burning phenomenon. The following are carrion-flower care for leaves wrinkled.

When the light intensity is too strong, it causes carrion-flower leaves to wrinkle. Due to the intense light, the temperature around the plant is higher, which accelerates the evaporation rate of water in the leaves of the plant, and also reduces the air humidity, which seriously affects the normal growth and development of the leaves of the plant. When we care for carrion-flower, we should avoid strong light.

When air mobility is poor, it causes carrion-flower leaves to wrinkle. Due to insufficient air circulation, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas accumulates, which affects the photosynthesis and respiration of plants, impedes the rate of organic matter and glucose production of plants, and leads to malnutrition in plant growth. When we care for carrion-flower, make sure that the air mobility is suitable for carrion-flower growth.

When carrion-flowers are growing, insufficient watering is also one of the causes of leaf wrinkling. Due to the lack of water in the soil, the root system of the plant cannot transport enough water to supply the growth of the leaves. In the case of severe water shortage, the leaves will dry up and turn yellow. When we care for carrion-flower, supply sufficient water to carrion-flower.

Carrion-flower leaves are also wrinkled when overapplied. Excessive fertilization will make a large amount of organic matter accumulation in the soil, transpiration and exothermic phenomenon, resulting in the occurrence of plant root burning phenomenon, plant roots will rot, necrosis, hinder the normal growth of plants. When we care for carrion-flower, supply reasonable fertilizer.

If dehydration is the cause of the flower, it needs to be watered with fresh water to replenish the water. When we care for carrion-flower, if it is caused by too much light, plant it on a ventilated balcony or window and prune away the withered, yellowed leaves. Carrion-flower drying should be repotted if it is caused by improper fertilization. 

care for Carrion-flower

Carrion-flower care for leaves withered

Water should be used to water the carrion-flower until the water can flow out from the pelvic floor. Water can also be sprayed on the plant leaves to supplement a certain amount of water, so as to avoid the plant leaves being unable to grow and develop normally due to severe water shortage, resulting in withered and yellow leaves. The following are details of Carrion-flower care for leaves withered.

When we care for carrion-flower, if the carrion-flower dries out due to excessive light, move it to a balcony or window with ventilation and ventilation, prune the withered and yellowed leaves, smear with hundreds of bacteria and let them dry, and then water appropriately to keep the soil moist. When the plants grow new leaves, then move it to a scattering light environment for cultivation.

When we care for carrion-flower, if the carrion-flower dries up after being kept in a dark place for a long time, it can be moved to the scattered light environment with sufficient sunlight, and a small amount of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer can be applied, or organic fertilizer can be rotated and fermented. Generally, after 5-7 days, the plant will grow new buds and the leaves will return to their normal shape.

When we care for carrion-flower, if the carrion-flower dries out due to excessive fertilization, it should be repotted. The roots of the plant are removed from the soil, the rotting roots are pruned away, the roots are coated with carbendazim, and the plant is placed in a cool, ventilated environment to dry before being replanted in half new and half culture soil.

care for Carrion-flower