How To Save Underwatered Burros Tail

Written by Ivy

Dec 09 2022

How To Save Underwatered Burros Tail
Burro's tail generally creeps, so it is often planted as a hanging basket plant. Its leaves are curved like bananas, hanging in a lanceolate shape, and the leaf tips are gradually sharp. Burro's tail is about 2 cm long, and its leaf color is green and transparent. Burro's tail is covered with a thin layer of white frost, which looks like a texture of jade.
Underwatered burro's tail will cause the leaves to wrinkle. The long-term water shortage of burro's tail will also cause problems in the root position. We should cut off the rotten roots, and then disinfect the under watered burro's tail. Finally, it will recover slowly after re cultivation.
Burro's tail has no obvious dormancy period in summer, so we should reasonably control the water while properly shading, and can not completely cut off the water. If the water is cut off for a long time, the leaves at the bottom of burro's tail stem are easy to dry and fall off, and then become bare rods. If the drought in underground burro's tail lasts too long, only a few leaves at the top of the stem may be left. If water is not replenished in time, the whole plant will die.
How To Save Underwatered Burros Tail
Burro's tail leaves turn yellow and shriveled, which should be caused by water shortage for a long time. If the temperature is less than 35 ℃, it is recommended to replenish water in time. Remember to strengthen ventilation after replenishing water and do not expose to the sun, otherwise it will lead to hydration and black rot. If the leaves of underwater burro's tail have not returned to normal for more than 3 days after watering, it is that the water cut-off time is too long and the root system has withered. We can immediately pull out the roots for pruning, disinfection, and then air the roots for replanting, otherwise the underwater burro's tail will be completely hopeless.
If the temperature rises to 35 ℃ in summer, we also need to pour a small amount of 1-2 circles of water along the basin edge in the evening after the temperature drops to prevent the root system from drying up due to long-term water shortage. In addition, burro's tail is not resistant to exposure. When the temperature is too high in summer, it must be shaded at noon, otherwise the leaves of underwater burro's tail will turn yellow and then dry and fall off.

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