How Much Light Does Burros Tail Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 09 2022

How Much Light Does Burros Tail Need?

Burro's tails need bright light or partial sun for a minimum of four hours a day. If your burro's tail is an indoor plant, make sure it's close to bright light but away from windowsills with full, hot sun. Full sun will turn the leaves pale green or yellow.

The shape of burro's tail leaves is very similar to jade ornaments it loves Bright light. The growth of burro's tail is closely related to the light. Burro's tail generally creeps, so it is often planted as a hanging basket plant. Its leaves are curved like bananas, hanging in a lanceolate shape, the leaf tip is gradually sharp, about 2 cm long, the leaf color is green and transparent, and the leaf surface is covered with a thin layer of white frost, which looks like a texture of jade. If your burro's tail does not receive enough light, the leaves will be dry and shriveled.
How Much Light Does Burros Tail Need

Light Intensity

The outdoor burro's tail receives the largest light intensity. Although the light on the balcony with good indoor light is not as strong as direct sunlight, the intensity is also OK. After all, most burro's tails will be maintained on the balcony. The worst case is that your local climate wood has enough light or there is no light. It faces the balcony better. How to solve this situation will be described in detail below.

Illumination Time

Burro's tail receiving light is a continuous process and cannot suddenly increase or decrease the light time. Generally speaking, burro's tail can accept all day light in spring, autumn and winter, but the light intensity in summer is too high, which is greater than the growth demand of burro's tail, so it still needs appropriate shading.
How Much Light Does Burros Tail Need

What If Burro's Tail Doesn't Have Enough Light?

If the light intensity and light time of burro's tail succulent plants are not enough, the succulent plants are easy to grow in vain, because the leaves of burro's tail will produce more chlorophyll, the leaves will become larger and the rods will grow longer to actively accept more sunlight for photosynthesis. However, burro's tail will not only produce different products, but also die easily.
It's ideal to have an outdoor terrace that can be planted in the open. However, it should be noted that burro's tail just bought should not be exposed to the sun immediately. It needs a step-by-step process. It's easy to get sunburned or die by taking it out at once.
How Much Light Does Burros Tail Need
When growing burro's tail indoors, we should pay attention not to putting burro's tail on the windowsill edge. It's best to buy a shelf and put the burro's tail higher so that the light lasts longer and there is no shelter so that you can receive more light.
For burro's tail, which has no balcony with good light at home and the local climate is always cloudy and rainy, there is no need to ask. The reason is that the light is insufficient. This situation can only control the water. Although the light intensity and light time are not enough, if the watering frequency is well controlled, the color of burro's tail can not be compared with burro's tail with good light, But it's not too bad, and burro's tail won't last in vain. As for the specific days of watering, it still depends on your environment. There is no fixed standard.

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