How Often To Water Burros Tail

Written by Ivy

Dec 09 2022

How Often To Water Burros Tail
Among the many succulent plants, the burro's tail is a popular plant, and it is relatively easy to take care of. Read this guide to find out the watering frequency for your burro's tail and how much water your plant need, as well as how to water your burro's tail cactus,

Watering frequency for your burro's tail will always depend on light. You can water your burro's tail with 0.8 cups of water every 12 days and the best way to water your burro's tail cactus is to water it thoroughly and then allow the soil to dry out before watering it again. 

How Often To Water Burros Tail

How Often to Water Burro's Tail

Burro's tail requires a lot more water than many other varieties of succulents in order to maintain attractive, plump leaves. Particularly when kept indoors because it thrives in a well-drained container, thoroughly soak its soil and do not water it again until the topsoil dries out completely. Make sure the water is at least an inch deep around your burro's tail by sticking your finger in it for more precise measurement.

Don't overwater your lovely succulent because it can withstand droughts; otherwise, it will rot. However, mature plants require more frequent watering, so be sure to check the soil frequently. Once every 14 days, you should water your burro's tail.

But be sure to thoroughly hydrate it, as this will allow the accumulated salts from fertilizers and water to drain from your plant pot. Water your donkey's tail more frequently during the growing season when the days are warmer, i.e., after every nine days. In clay pots, succulents typically dry out more quickly. As a result, during the hot season, you should ensure that your plant receives adequate water.

How to Water Burro's Tail

Burro's tail is a drought-tolerant plant, but it is impossible for us not to water it during maintenance, but we can't water it too much, because too much watering may lead to root rot of burro's tail.
Therefore, in our daily maintenance process, we generally only need to keep the soil slightly wet. In our usual maintenance process, we can see dry watering. If we find that the soil in the burro's tail basin starts to dry, we should properly pour more water.
Generally, in the process of maintaining burro's tail, we can pay water once a month or so, but we need to pay attention to that in the process of watering, do not ask water to be poured on the leaves of the plant, because it is easy to cause the leaves of burro's tail to rot.

Water Burro's Tail in Summer

In summer, the temperature is high and the light is strong. Therefore, at this time, we must shade burro's tail and appropriately increase the watering times. Therefore, the high-temperature environment will make the water evaporate faster.
Moreover, watering burro's tail more in summer can not only maintain the water of the plant, but also cool the plant. In this way, the new jade will grow better.
When watering burro's tail in summer, we'd better do it in the morning and evening. Don't water the plant when the sun is high. This will accelerate the evaporation of water and affect the normal growth of the plant.
How Often To Water Burros Tail

Water Burro's Tail in Winter and Dormancy

After entering winter, burro's tail will enter the dormancy period due to the low temperature environment, so the growth of new jade will become slow at this time. Therefore, we should not water too much when we are maintaining burro's tail at this time.
Moreover, in order for burro's tail to survive the winter better, we'd better keep the basin soil slightly dry. Generally, we just need to keep its slightly moist environment.
If we water burro's tail too much in winter, the roots of burro's tail cannot be absorbed, which will lead to too much ponding in the basin soil, leading to the root rot of burro's tail, resulting in the death of the whole plant.
How Often To Water Burros Tail

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FAQs About Burro's Tail Watering 

Can I Bottom Water a Burros Tail?

It's advised to water the plant using the bottom-up method of submersion, for the prevention of rotting foliage (caused by excess moisture above the soil line). Use a feed labeled "Cactus" or "Houseplant" to fertilize every two to three months.

Why is My Burro's Tail Dropping Leaves?

You are overwatering the plant and causing its leaves to drop off if you water a burro's tail when the soil is still damp from the previous watering. Reduce watering and check that the draining hole is not blocked to fix the problem.

Do Burros Tail Like Humidity?

Keep the plant moderately and evenly moist. Overwatering a succulent can actually kill it by causing the stems to rot.