How Big Will Lucky Bamboo Grow?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How Big Will Lucky Bamboo Grow?
Lucky bamboo can grow up to an inch a month, and lucky bamboo can get 5 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide If lucky Bamboo is too high, we can trim it. If it is planted in a basin, we can weave it and cut it. (Read More: How To Trim Lucky Bamboo?)

How to Make Lucky Bamboo Grow Big?

  • Optimal Lighting
Lucky bamboo likes shade but not light, so it can be placed in a bright place during maintenance. Like in late autumn, places with scattered light are best for lucky Bamboo. We should not place lucky bamboos where the light is too weak or too strong. The light is too weak, the photosynthesis is blocked and the growth is slow. Too strong light can easily lead to yellowing of lucky bamboo's leaf tip or yellowing of old leaves. At the same time, the leaf color becomes lighter and the growth becomes slow. Many friends put lucky bamboos in places with plenty of direct light. They often don't grow for months, and the leaf tips are always dry.
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How Big Will Lucky Bamboo Grow
  • Fertilizing Lucky Bamboo
When lucky Bamboo was a seedling, it needed to be carefully managed. When lucky Bamboo just grew new roots, we would apply animal manure to it once. When lucky Bamboo grows to about 40cm high, it needs a lot of nutrients. In order to make lucky Bamboo grow high, it needs to add some new lipid membrane.
During the vigorous growth period of lucky Bamboo, it needs to apply more fertilizer to make its branches and stems grow stronger, leaves thicker and plants more dense, so that lucky Bamboo has enough nutrients to grow higher.
  • Suitable Soil or Water
Lucky bamboo is a plant that likes to be wet and cool. We should choose fertile soil for it. If it is in the countryside, we can choose the soil in rice field.
Of course, we can also choose hydroponics, and lucky Bamboo can grow very tall. There is no need to add too much fertilizer to it. Water is the best nutrient to promote its growth. If the leaves of lucky Bamboo turn yellow, you need to put an iron nail in it to increase iron. If it's hydroponic, you don't have to change the water for lucky Bamboo, because its water won't stink. Just add water to lucky Bamboo when its water volatilizes.