Why Is My Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

Why Is My Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow
There are many reasons why Lucky bamboos produce yellow leaves, such as light, temperature, fertilizer, etc. Lucky bamboos are suitable for growing under bright indirect light. The leaf tips turn yellow under strong light, and the leaves will be burned, resulting in yellow leaves. Especially from April to September, avoid direct sunlight, exposure or excessive drought, otherwise lucky bamboos will turn yellow. Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of yellow leaves in lucky bamboo.

Too Low Temperature

Lucky bamboos are tropical plants. They are afraid of cold wind and low temperature. When the weather becomes cold or warm, the leaves of lucky bamboos will turn yellow. Therefore, when lucky bamboos are placed in front of the window in winter and spring, pay attention to wind protection, close the window at night, open the window for ventilation when the sun is good during the day, and put a bag in case of night frost and cooling.
Insufficient light causes yellow leaves in lucky bamboo
If it is placed indoors for maintenance, lucky bamboo. In case of poor ventilation and insufficient light. The bottom of lucky bamboo will slowly yellow leaves to supply new leaves for growth. New leaves also lack light, and the longer they grow, the smaller they become. In case of such a situation, it should be placed in a place with sufficient scattered light in time for multi ventilation. Lucky bamboo's new leaves will slowly return to normal.

Lucky Bamboo Rotten Roots

If lucky bamboo does not change water for a long time and the water quality is polluted. Then its roots will quickly blacken and rot. The upper leaves will turn yellow and dry. Therefore, when it is found that the leaves are yellowing, check the root system in time. If there is rotten root, trim it, soak the hydroponic flask and lucky bamboo with carbendazim, and then re cut into the basin. (Read More about How To Trim Lucky Bamboo?)
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Frequent Relocation of Lucky Bamboo

The root system of lucky bamboo is very unstable. Once a maintenance location is selected, try not to move again. Each movement is equivalent to a new environment, and the root system needs to adapt again. In this way, it will be damaged more or less, resulting in the yellow leaves of lucky bamboo. We can fix lucky bamboo in the same maintenance position to reduce movement.

Frequent Water Change

In addition to the high temperature days in summer, hydroponic plants do not need to change water frequently. Changing water is equal to changing soil. The roots need to adapt again. Once they do not adapt well, they will yellow leaves. Under such low temperature conditions, although we can't change the water, we can add some water to it every time there is less water. The water can only be used after drying.
Why Is My Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow

Lucky Bamboo Iron Deficient

Plants need many trace elements in the growth process, and iron is a very important trace element. Lucky bamboo can't be short of iron, especially. Iron deficiency will cause yellow leaves. How can lucky bamboo "supplement iron"? We can add a rusty nail to the water supply or a little ferrous sulfate powder to the water supply, so as to improve the yellow leaf phenomenon and make the leaves green.

Alkaline Tap Water

Lucky bamboo likes a weak acidic environment. Tap water is too alkaline and the water quality is too hard to be directly used for hydroponics. Otherwise, the leaves will turn yellow after a long time. Tap water should be exposed to the sun for 2 days, or it can be raised with rainwater and river water. Fish water is also OK, provided that there are no insecticides and bactericides in the water.

Newly Bought Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboos are easy to turn yellow when they are just bought. This is because they have no roots. In order to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, plants will consume leaves to save nutrients. In addition, the light, water, temperature and humidity in the new environment have changed. These changes will cause lucky bamboo yellow leaves.
It's easy to solve the problem of yellow leaves in the newly bought lucky bamboo. First remove the yellow leaves and dry leaves, leave fewer leaves under the pole, cut the bottom obliquely, soak the branches in clean water, move it to a cool and ventilated place, and take root in 2 weeks.
Change the water once a week before rooting. After rooting, you don't need to change the water. If the water is less, add water and slowly increase the light. lucky bamboo leaves will become oily and shiny, but the light is not too strong at ordinary times. Just dry them through glass. Don't keep them on the south facing balcony and south facing windowsill in summer, but shade them.

Excessive Fertilization

This is a very common reason. Excessive fertilization is also easy to cause lucky bamboo to turn yellow. It is mainly reflected in the dry brown at the top of new leaves, the leaf surface generally appears fat and dull, concave convex and unsmooth, and the old leaves are burnt yellow and fall off. At this time, fertilization shall be stopped immediately and cleaned with clean water.

Lack Of Fertilizer

Insufficient fertilizer will lead to insufficient nutrients, so insufficient fertilizer will also cause the leaves of lucky bamboo to turn yellow, which is mainly reflected in the light color of the young leaves of lucky bamboo, yellow or light green, rather than green; Lao Ye generally can't see any big changes at this time. At this time, we need to check the basin soil. If there is dry knot, we need to change the soil. When applying fertilizer, we should pay attention to thin fertilizer, apply it frequently, and pour some alum water in time.