The breeding methods and precautions of Dionaea muscipula

Written by Maggie

Nov 23 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Dionaea muscipula


Dionaea Muscipula is best farmed for more than five hours of light a day at a temperature of around 25℃. Choose a slightly acidic soil, you can use peat and perlite. Water the container once a day, fertilize the sides of the container or spray fertilizer on the surface. Apply fertilizer once every half a month or so. Don't feed it or touch it while breeding.

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Dionaea Muscipula

Dionaea Muscipula farming methods

1, light temperature

Dionaea Muscipula needs plenty of light to grow and can be placed in direct sunlight throughout the year. The light should not be less than 5 hours a day. But it needs to be shaded at midday in the summer. In terms of temperature, it is better to keep the temperature around 25℃. The temperature should not be lower than 6℃ in winter.

2, soil

In the cultivation method and precautions for Dionaea Muscipula, it is better to choose slightly acidic soil with a pH of around 4.0. Instead of farming Dionaea Muscipula in plain garden or clay, mix peat and perlite in a 2:1 ratio. Dionaea Muscipula can also be farmed with imported water moss as a substrate, if possible.

3, water

Dionaea Muscipula likes to be wet. Water Dionaea Muscipula once a day. Water thoroughly to keep the soil moist. It is best to choose pure water when watering.You can also place a water tray at the bottom of its pot at a height of about 1.5 cm, which will keep the Dionaea Muscipula moist at all times. Do not place the tray if the air humidity is high.

4, fertilization

When fertilizing Dionaea Muscipula, be careful not to fertilize its roots, which can cause root rot. You can pour fertilizer from the sides of the container, keeping it away from the roots. You can also dilute the fertilizer and spray it on the surface. Use special fertilizer for Dionaea Muscipula. Apply fertilizer only once every half a month or so.

Dionaea Muscipula

Notes for farming Dionaea Muscipula

1. Don't feed

Many people raise Dionaea Muscipula by feeding it with various insects and other meat products, which can lead to indigestion. Dionaea Muscipula is capable of catching food itself. Dionaea Muscipula only needs to be fertilized in normal times to ensure its healthy growth.

2. Don't touch

Do not touch Dionaea Muscipula while it is being farmed. Many people will put their fingers in its trap out of curiosity. Although Dionaea Muscipula is non-toxic, it can lead to finger burning on the insect clip, leaving blood holes in the hand, so do not touch Dionaea Muscipula.

Dionaea Muscipula