Succulent care guide

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

Succulent care guide

Succulent plants are very popular in recent years. First of all because it is easy to grow, tenacious vitality, and do not need to be carefully watered; Secondly, because of its lovely and changeable appearance, it can be well integrated into our indoor environment, and then it is matched with various delicate and special utensils, which become the green ornaments decorating the room. Succulent plants have become the new favorite of many hipsters. Here are some care guides for succulents having dark spots or green worm for you. 


Care for dark spots on succulents

Dark spots on succulents plants can be caused by overwatering, environmental discomfort, excessive light, or infection. Depending on the situation, different measures should be taken. Succulents should be grown in a dry and ventilated environment. Succulents' leaves have a strong function of water storage. Don't water the plants too much, just keep the soil moist.

1.Watering for succulents

Some people grow succulents and find lots of dark spots on their plants. Succulents' leaves have a strong ability to hold water. If you water them too often, they will cause dark spots on the plants. Stop watering and drain the soil.

2. Environment for succulents

Succulents grow mostly in the desert. If the environment is wet and not ventilated, the plant will grow many dark spots. Move the plant to a ventilated and sunny place for growing. Succulents should be raised in a dry and ventilated environment, not in a dark, moist environment for long periods of time.

3. Light for succulents

Succulents have a high need for light. Keep plants exposed to plenty of it, but don't let them bask in the sun when they have water on their leaves, so they get lots of dark spots. Keep the leaves clean when raising Succulents, and try not to let the plants bask in the sun when there is water on the leaves.

4. Infection of succulents

Succulents may have black spots on their plants because they are infected with black spots and rust, and should be treated with a spray depending on the condition. Black spot can be treated by spraying chlorothalonil solution or carbendazil solution on the plants. Rust can be treated by spraying the plants with a solution of methyl tobuzin or streptomycin.


Care for succulents having green worm

Succulents plants are best to be put in a ventilated and sunny environment for maintenance. If the number of insect pests on the plants is not large, tweezers can be used to clip out the insects and cut off the diseased leaves for growing. If the plant has a large number of vermin, cut off the diseased leaves and spray the plant with chlorothalonil or flower care.

Insect pests will appear on succulents plants when the breeding environment is not right, what about succulents' evergreen insects? At this time, it is better to transplant the plants to a ventilated and sunny environment for maintenance, the sunshine has the effect of killing viruses. If the number of green insects is not large, you can use tweezers to clip out the insects, cut off the diseased leaves and re-breed them.

If the number of green worms is very large, the diseased leaves should be cut off first, and then the plants should be sprayed with thyme or flower care therapy. Under normal circumstances, spraying once a week, 3-4 times can effectively alleviate the disease. It is best to dilute the pesticide with water before spraying it. If you spray it directly on the plant, you may burn the roots.

If spraying medicament to plants is bad, we can make medicine at home, we can wash clothes normally, press 500:1 scale dilutive water to spray plants to treat green insects. Also we can remove ginger skin to put in water soak for a few hours. The ginger water that is soaked is a very good insecticide, and still has the effect of disinfection, sterilization.

To stop succulents from getting bugs, start the process by exposing the plants to plenty of sunlight, which disinfects and kills germs, and allows succulents plants to grow even more when they get plenty of light. Succulents also need to be ventilated, dry, and watered.