Rubber fig plant care-How to grow and maintain Rubber fig

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

Rubber fig plant care-How to grow and maintain Rubber fig

Rubber figis a tropical plant. It is best to keep 5 ~ 6 hours of light on it every day in winter. How to care for Rubber fig when the temperature is too low in winter and too dry in the autumn? Here are some caring tips for you when growing Rubber fig.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - Most Common House Plant

How to care for Rubber fig in winter

When the temperature is lower than 5℃, it should be placed on the sunny side of the indoor greenhouse or artificial heating treatment. Pour enough water before entering winter, need not water in winter, keep basin soil partial dry best.

1. Get plenty of light for Rubber fig

Since Rubber fig is a tropical plant, it's cold tolerance is very weak, and it likes to grow in a sunny environment. If there is not enough sunlight in winter, the plants will not grow well and even wither and die. 5 to 6 hours of light a day is best.

2. Temperature control of Rubber fig

Rubber fig is a kind of high-temperature plant. Its suitable temperature for growth is about 15℃ ~ 35℃. In the winter growing method of Rubber fig, it should be noted that the temperature in winter should not be lower than 5 °C. Generally put in the sunny place of indoor greenhouse or artificial heating treatment, in order to avoid frostbite root affect the growth and development of plants.

3. Water and fertilizer management of Rubber fig

Winter is the slowest period for Rubber fig growth. It is best to water it thoroughly before entering winter. Do not water in the winter, keep the basin dry so the soil is the best. If the soil is moist, root growth will be hindered, there will be the phenomenon of withered roots. Then spray a thin nitrogenous fertilizer solution on the leaves every other month.

4. Notes for growing Rubber fig

When rubber fig is cultured in the indoor greenhouse, it is better to keep the air in a liquid state and not be affected by cold wind or frost. Besides, it is also better to clean the impurities on the basin soil from time to time and deal with the loose soil. Then, it can be well preserved by enhancing the lighting time.

Rubber fig
Rubber fig is one of the best trees for pots

How to care for Rubber fig in autumn

When growing Rubber fig in autumn, it should be given enough light. Spray the leaves once a week and when the weather is too dry, spray the leaves with water. Phosphorus and potash fertilizer is applied every half month, and organic fertilizer can be applied in winter. In autumn, it is also possible to turn over the basin and change the soil, so that Rubber figs can grow better in the soil.

1. Get plenty of light for Rubber fig

Rubber fig is a plant that likes sunshine very much. Since the sunshine in autumn is not as strong as that in summer. We can put Rubber fig in a place with sufficient illumination for curing, rather than in a cool place. Sufficient illumination for Rubber fig in autumn can make the growth of Rubber fig more ornamental.

2. Water in time for Rubber fig

The climate of autumn is not as hot as that of summer, but it is extremely dry. Although Rubber fig is drought resistant, it also needs to be watered in a timely manner. It can be watered once a week. When illumination is too much, you need to spray moisture on the leaf, or spray moisture around, to increase the moisture of the air.

3. Apply fertilizer rationally for Rubber fig

In the autumn, it should be provided with sufficient nutrients. We can apply phosphate potash every half a month. When the climate gradually cools, fertilizer will also be reduced. When Rubber fig comes into winter one week before, an organic fertilizer can be properly applied to warm the roots.

4. Turn the pot and change the soil for Rubber fig

Give Rubber fig timely watering fertilization, but also can turn over the basin for soil. Canker soil can be used as potted soil for Rubber fig. Every time you turn the pot and change the soil, try not to hurt the root of the Rubber fig, so that the soil can timely sugar moisture and nutrients.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - one of the best indoor trees

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