How to propagate Rubber fig

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to propagate Rubber fig

When Rubber fig is sown and propagated, the seeds should be accelerated and then inserted into the wet soil. A layer of plastic film can be covered on the top. If a cutting method is adopted, it is best to select sturdy branches, then cut them into 3 ~ 5 branches with scissors, and insert them into the sand bed to keep the soil moist every day.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - Most Common House Plant

1. Sow propagation of Rubber fig

Rubber FIG grows well and can be propagated, mainly by sowing. We need to choose relatively plump and robust seed first, undertake immersing next hasten bud processing. After 2 days, the seed coat surface softened, and then inserted into a wet sand bed. They germinate and take root in about 25 to 30 days after being covered with a plastic film and placed in a warm and humid environment. 

2. Cuttage propagation of Rubber fig

If we want to Rubber fig more simply, we can adopt the method of cutting. First choose relatively thick branches, and then use scissors to cut into 3 ~ 5 branches, branch and retain buds on the side, then insert the branch wet slotting machine. In the interior of the greenhouse, water once a day. After transplant seedlings grow soil processing, about 3 ~ 4 weeks later will again take root to germinate.

Rubber fig
Rubber fig is one of the best trees for pots

3. Layering propagation of Rubber fig

Layering propagation is Rubber fig common breeding methods. Generally in the vigorous growth period of Rubber FIG, mainly concentrated in the summer from June to July, we will cut down the branches of perennial, with a small amount of potassium permanganate disinfection treatment, then daub some plant ash wrapped incision, with plastic film seal up, and then insert the wet sand bed, compaction gently with the hand. Keep the soil moist, and every day about 1 months or so can sprout.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - one of the best indoor trees

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