How to care for Rubber fig

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to care for Rubber fig

Rubber fig, also known as Ficus elastica, is popular for recent years. Here’s how to care for a Rubber fig as a striking part of your home decor for years to come.

Rubber fig
Rubber fig is one of the best trees for pots

How to care for Rubber fig having white spots

The long white spots on rubber fig leaves may be caused by infection, environmental discomfort, lack of fertilizer or excessive watering. Corresponding measures should be taken according to different situations.The disease can be treated with spraying agents; When the environment is not good, it can improve the environment. Fertilize properly when fertilizer is scarce; You need to stop watering when you overwater.

1. Infection

Rubber fig, also known as Indian Ficus, belongs to the mulberry family and is often used as an ornamental potted plant. White spots on the leaves of Rubber fig during planting may be caused by leucorrhoea infection. It is necessary to spray the plants with methyl triazolam or Bordeaux mixture, usually once a week, three to four times will be effective in relieving the disease.

2. Environment 

Rubber fig is suitable for growing in a warm and humid environment. If the plant is placed in a dark and hot environment for a long time, it will also cause white spots on the leaves of the plant. At this time, the diseased leaves on the plant should be cut off, and then the plant should be transplanted to the indoor semi-shade and ventilated place for breeding for a certain time.

3. Fertilizer

In the process of growth, Rubber fig has a high demand for fertilizer. In case of lack of fertilizer during planting, white spots will appear on the leaves of Rubber fig. In this case, it is necessary to apply proper fertilizer to the plants. It is usually possible to apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to Rubber fig. It is better to dilute the fertilizer with water before each fertilization, so as to reduce the probability of fertilizer.

4. Watering

Rubber fig has a high demand for water. It likes water but is not watertight. If it is watered too much, it will cause white spots on the leaves. Then, it is necessary to stop watering and transplant the plants to a cool and ventilated place for breeding. In the later stage of planting Rubber FIG, plants can be watered in accordance with the principle of dry and wet, so as not to retain water.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - Most Common House Plant

How to care for Rubber fig leaves yellowing

The yellowing of Rubber fig leaves is usually caused by four problems, namely, illumination, watering, fertilizer and diseases and insects. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of these factors in the curing process. Only when these factors are well controlled, the growth of Rubber fig will be more smooth and the yellowing of leaves will not occur in the later stage.

1. Lighting for Rubber fig

There are four reasons why the leaves of Rubber fig turn yellow. The first reason is the problem of light. Prolonged exposure to the sun and keeping the leaves from exposure to the sun will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

2. Watering  for Rubber fig

Overwatering can prevent the water in the Rubber fig bowl from being drained in time, causing the root system to rot and cause it to turn yellow. If you don't water it for a long time, it will turn yellow due to lack of water. If you water it too much, it will turn yellow. Underwatering causes drought yellow. So control the amount of water to keep the leaves from turning yellow.

3. Fertilizer for Rubber fig

Rubber fig is a kind of plant that likes fertilizer, but too much or too little food will cause its leaves to turn yellow. Plants lacking food will turn yellow because of malnutrition. Rubber fig with too much food will turn yellow because of excessive nutrition.

4. Diseases and insects control

If the above reasons are well controlled in the breeding process, but the leaf of Rubber fig still appears yellow, then it should be considered whether the leaves of Rubber fig are yellow caused by diseases and insects. Generally, it is caused by grey mould infection, so you can buy professional medicine to deal with this problem.

Rubber fig
Rubber Fig - one of the best indoor trees

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