Propagation methods of Wishbone flower

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

Propagation methods of Wishbone flower

Wishbone flower common propagation methods mainly include sowing, cutting, division, layering. Today, we will introduce these four propagation methods of Wishbone in detail.

Wishbone flower

Sowing propagation method of Wishbone flower

Sowing propagation is one of the common propagation methods of Wishbone flowers, mainly in summer sowing. wishbone flower seeds are very small, so can be mixed with some fine sand, after sowing can not be covered with soil, but to use a film to cover moisture, you need to use the method of soaking water. It should germinate in about 10 days. After emerging, remove the film and plant it in a well-lit, well-ventilated place. When the plant is 10 centimeters, it can be transplanted. In order to keep the Wishbone flower color gorgeous, before the cultivation we need to apply some organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer, in the growth period 2~3 times of chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer, to maintain the fertility of the soil.

Cutting propagation method of Wishbone flower

Wishbone flower cutting propagation is relatively simple, easy to operate, the speed is relatively fast.

Wishbone cuttings are generally propagated in summer, between May and August. Cuttage selection of vigorous growth, strong and healthy branches to do loh, can be appropriate pruning, most of the leaves removed, inserted into the ready soil, soil requirements are breathable sandy soil.

Cutting good wishbone flowers take root quickly, usually 3 ~ 5 days can take root, before taking root to appropriate shading. After taking root, we can let the plant gradually accept sunlight, rapid growth. Cutting propagation of Wishbone flower growth is very fast.

Wishbone flower

Division propagation method of Wishbone flower

Division is one of the propagation methods of Wishbone flower, mainly in the spring of May. The stem bud around the base germination as a culture material, cut down and planted in the soil, respectively, after applying the appropriate amount of decompose organic fertilizer solution, watering to keep the soil moist, and growing true leaves with soil after transplanting.

Layering propagation method of Wishbone flower

When we apply the layering propagation method of the Wishbone flower, cut off the tips of the strong branches that are close to the ground. Cut a hole in the surface of the xylem and press it directly into the soil. The top is fixed with metal wire, covered with a plastic film, placed in the shade of the environment for maintenance. Moisturize with water often and let it sprout in about 30 days.

Wishbone flower