How to Propagate Japanese Pagoda Tree

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to Propagate Japanese Pagoda Tree

The propagation methods of Japanese pagoda trees include sowing, cutting and grafting. One of the more commonly used is sowing. Prepare healthy seeds and soft soil. Sow the seeds on top of the soil, cover them with a thin layer of soil and water them. Soon they will be able to sprout. Next, let's see propagation methods of Japanese pagoda tree.

Japanese pagoda tree

Japanese Pagoda Tree Propagation from Seed

1. Sowing time

Japanese pagoda trees are mostly propagated by seeds sowing propagation. Usually in the spring and autumn sowing survival rate is the highest, especially in the spring, and in the summer and winter is the dormant period of the plant, so it is difficult for seeds to germinate after sowing, and may even make the seeds do not germinate. Each sowing should not be carried out in the overcast and rainy days.

2. Seed accelerating bud

Japanese Pagoda tree, every time in its fruit period, can obtain the full seeds from the mature fruit of the plant, seeds can directly sow propagation. The seeds are first soaked in warm water for a day, removed and then soaked in potassium permanganate for 10 minutes, so that sowing not only increases the germination rate, but also to avoid the damage of diseases and insects.

3. Configuration basin soil

In fact, Japanese Pagoda Tree on the soil is not very high requirements, and for Japanese Pagoda Tree how to propagate, treat its seeds, then also configured for the growth of the soil, generally available rural soil directly sowing. But if the mixture of leaf soil, bark, charcoal residue and other materials, then it can make the seed more easily germinated.

4. Planting management

Each time the configuration of the soil can be dug a 3cm deep pit, the seeds planted in the pit with soil buried, and then the appropriate loosening of the soil, and the need to water the pot soil, so that Japanese Pagoda Tree seeds quickly germinate, but also placed in the semi-shady, conducive to the growth of the plant.

Japanese pagoda tree

Japanese Pagoda Tree Propagation from Cutting

1. Cutting time:

The time that cuttage propagates and sowing propagates is the same, and also can advance a few.

2. Cuttings selection:

Select healthy vitality of acacia tree cuttings, select 15~20cm is the most suitable, cut flat, from the budding 1 ~ 2cm, cut into 45 degrees of oblique mouth, from the budding 5 mm, divided into the upper and lower ends of 50 roots as a bundle, soaked with 50 mg/kg root powder solution at the lower end of 3 ~ 4 hours later out for use.

3. Cuttage method:

Cutting propagation method of Japanese pagoda trees is most suitable to carry out cutting according to plant row spacing of 20 cm ×40 cm.

Japanese Pagoda Tree Propagation from Tillering

Among the propagation methods of Japanese pagoda tree, tillering propagation is a relatively simple method. This method is generally carried out in spring, and we only need to dig out the mature root and tiller seedlings and then plant them in the hole. This method usually takes about 4-5 years to grow into a plant.

After reading the above content, I believe you also have a certain understanding of how to propagate Japanese Pagoda Tree. As long as you follow the above steps to propagate, the survival rate is still very high.

Japanese pagoda tree

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