How to Grow and Care for Japanese Pagoda Tree

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

How to Grow and Care for Japanese Pagoda Tree

In this spring breeze and beautiful April, Japanese pagoda trees have already entered the flowering period. The trees are full of flowers, flowers fall full of tall branches, a string of white Japanese pagoda trees. So do you want to grow Japanese pagoda trees? How to care for Japanese pagoda trees? Let's learn together.

Japanese pagoda trees

How to Grow Japanese Pagoda

1. Seeds  

Although Japanese pagoda trees are tall, seeds can be used to propagate them. We should select healthy and plump seeds for propagation, soak them in warm water for a day and a night to promote germination, and then mix the seeds in fine sand, and then put them in the temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius to accelerate germination. We wait until the seeds germinate before we can plant them. Also, we need to pay attention to the selection of flower pots for the Japanese Pagoda Tree. Japanese pagoda trees have long roots, so they should be planted in large, deep pots. It is best to plant seeds on the open ground and grow quickly.

2. The thinning

When the plants are about 15cm long, we transfer them to the pot and plant them. Choose a deep pot and grow it in a sunny Japanese Pagoda Tree.

3. The application of fertilizer

The growth of Japanese Pagoda trees requires adequate nutrients. During the growing season of Japanese Pagoda trees, sprinkled a little granulated manure around the pot soil and then watered it.

4. The clip

Japanese pagoda trees grow at a moderate rate and should be topped in time to promote branching during seedling growth. We need to cut off the old and yellow branches and leaves in time.

How to Care for Japanese Pagoda Tree

When growing the Japanese Pagoda Tree, we can choose garden soil, humus soil and sand, rotten organic fertilizer as cultivating soil, mixed soil, and always keep the soil moist during growing. The following are details of Japanese Pagoda Tree care.

Japanese Pagoda Soil Care

Japanese pagoda tree vitality is very strong, and the soil requirement is not very high, but mainly when potted soil deep well drained soil mainly and water permeability is strong. We can choose the garden soil, humus soil and sand, rotten organic mixture stirring evenly, while every 2 ~ 3 years in a basin, basin disinfection on again after the new can.

Japanese Pagoda Watering

Japanese pagoda trees grow in moist substrate is more appropriate, regular watering during the growing season, especially in spring and summer, always keeps the soil moist. In high temperatures in the summer season, leaf spraying water mist, in order to increase the humidity. When the weather turn gradually cool, we can control water gradually, and don't cause the soil waterlogging.

Japanese pagoda trees

Japanese Pagoda Lighting

During the growth period of Japanese Pagoda Tree, the plant should be exposed to more light. When the sun is strong in summer, the plant should be shaded appropriately.

Japanese Pagoda Fertilizer

Japanese pagoda tree is a fertilizer-loving plant. In the growth period, ensure sufficient nutrients, so as to make the plant grow more robust, but in the time of fertilization we should pay attention to not too much, mainly thin fertilizer, but also for dilution concentration. After fertilization, pour the right amount of water, so as not to burn the roots of fertilizer too thick.

Weeding Treatment

Japanese pagoda tree’s growth rate is very fast. In the growing period, there will be a lot of weeds, it is best to often weed treatment, at this time do not use some herbicides, mainly to do manual weeding, to clean up the root, otherwise it will affect the growth of the root system.

Japanese Pagoda Disease & Pest Care

During the growth of Japanese pagoda trees, leaf spots often suffer from rust and virus damage. It is best to often strengthen the air circulation during maintenance, once the disease will be cut down and centralized destruction, timely soil treatment, with the corresponding carbendazim solution for spraying control.

Japanese pagoda trees